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Boosting Accountability and Performance in Today's Workforce

The power of a leader is reflected in the power of his team, because powerful leaders know how to tap into the potential of their people. They don't control their power in traditional ways. Instead, they exchange their power for their team's
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The power of breaking free

How often have you felt this deep urge to just break free, to let go, to be yourself ? And how often have you actually got down to doing it, even if it meant breaking the norms or the family and society expectations or upsetting people who matter ?
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The 2 X business growth jigsaw – how many P’s? 10 and counting!!

Having been brought up over much of our corporate careers on a diet of aggressive growth, breakthrough approaches, innovative ways of market creation or changing the rules of the game and striving for market leadership with a no excuses strategy and
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How to Profitably Co-operate with Competitors

In January 1999 Konkan Railway (India) did something strange. They introduced a service that would carry their competitors on their open cars. Sleeping with the enemy… Railways and trucks compete for freight. With the launch of
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Life is what you make it

One of my favorite “Peanuts” cartoons by Charles Schultz has Charlie Brown saying, “I learned something in school today.  I signed up for folk guitar, computer programming, stained glass, art, shoemaking, and a natural foods
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The Labour with Labour Laws in India

From:   By: Raghunandan H Vasan Via: The Labour with Labour Laws in India Every business class you have ever taken
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Why do 90% of startups end up in losses?

From:   By: Bijoy P Pulipra Via: Good Advice Bijoy Pulipra #destinationbengaluru #startup #bangalore It is a proven fact that
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Lessons from the cab story

The Brand perils of changing rules of the game rapidly The last few days have seen major coverage in the media on the rape incident in Delhi. While one must condemn the incident and the repeated impunity with which these incidents keep
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The “Sales Clock” and the Prospect

For an entrepreneur, sales and networking go hand in hand.  Consequently, I’d like to talk about sales.     A few weeks ago, sitting in an airport waiting for my plane to arrive, I struck up a conversation with the young