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The illusion of control

It’s modern and very widespread. It motivates us, frightens us and drives our consumer mania: The idea that we are in control. That our work is so leveraged and important that through force of will, we can ensure that
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Cloud-based immigration software allows you to work anywhere [VIDEO]

Transcript As an attorney in a high-tech world, you need to be able to stay in touch with your clients anywhere in the world and at all times. You can achieve this connectivity by using a cloud-based immigration case management software system. This
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How to Make Cloud Computing More Secure

Cloud computing is clearly the way of the future (it’s just too convenient not to be!)
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Do Something YOU Love: Design Your Ideal Life

“70% of people in the workplace in the United States are either not engaged, or are actively disengaged. This results in $450-$550 billion dollars annually in lost profitability, growth, productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee
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Kiss Fewer Frogs

In generating referrals for your business, you are going to want to spend less time with frogs  and more time with princes and princesses − and at the same time, make sure that YOU aren’t a  “networking frog,
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ABCs for reaching your dreams

I often joke that it takes years to become an overnight success.  But it starts with a dream. My dream was to own a factory.  I wasn’t even sure what kind of product I’d make, or exactly where it would be.  But I pictured
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Conquest 2015 -BITS Pilani’s International Startup Conclave

With the development of the timeline of BITS Pilani’s International Startup Conclave, Conquest 2015 has seen enormous talent emerging from the budding entrepreneurs to revolutionize the Indian Startup Ecosystem. DCB Bank and CitrusPay
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Transforming Business—Successfully

“Enterprises everywhere are experiencing the ‘business outcome gap.’ The business outcome gap can be defined as the difference between desired business outcomes and realized business outcomes. Desired outcomes are changing in
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How much is too much?

Maruti Suzuki recently announced plans to drop the 'Maruti' label from the bootlids of its upcoming premium products and featuring an 'S' badge denoting Suzuki instead. The move was complemented with the unveiling of an exclusive,