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Ingredients of a successful retail recipe

KSA Technopak is a premier global management consulting firm offering integrated strategy, process and technology deployment solutions to the retail, fashion, food & grocery and healthcare industries. Dipankar Halder, Associate Director, spoke
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People, the key to quality

Investment in quality assurance and human resource insures high business standards Recently our doctor referred my wife to a leading lab at Bangalore for a blood check. After the test, the lab report indicated that she would have to be on
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Biodiesel Bonanza

The present power situation is crazy. So crazy that it is driving facility managers to manage problems like safeguarding diesel storage, which has nothing to do with their core IT business. But not to worry, a solution is at hand. Everyone
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The creative entrepreneur

Life is neither good nor bad – thinking makes it so. Some look at things and ask “Why?” Others look at things that never were and ask “why not?” These two statements amplify the power of the mind to create. The author
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5 Blunders To Avoid With Stock Market Fall And Viable Solutions

Lets Start Having A Look:   The present share market dip accompanied by a climate of pessimism in the share market calls for not just shrewdness in share dealing, but also for avoiding the 5 common blunders that I find most long term
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Opportunities and challenges in biotechnology

Xavier: Good evening and thank you all for taking the time to be here. This panel discussion is timed well since its appearance will coincide with BangaloreBio2003, the biggest tradeshow for the industry on this side of the globe. To set the tone, I
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How tech can transform your business

Mashable's latest #BizChatsTwitter chat, sponsored by HP Matter discussed how tech innovation is disrupting industries and the ways business owners can embrace these changes.   Over the course of an hour, @MashBusiness covered
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Corporate Strategy Office: Why an organization cannot do without one

Last year, the CEO of a medium sized company approached me to advise him on whether to enter a new market segment. I enquired why he did not ask one of his senior managers to find the answer. He said that he would have to seek the opinion of the
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The First Milestone of a Business Analyst - The Business Case

  The First Milestone of a Business Analyst – The Business Case Effective Business Analysts realize that to avoid failure, they should build the business case for their projects by getting intimately knowledgeable about the