How Google Sets Goals: Objectives & Key Results
Balaji Pasumarthy |

Always wondered, how work gets done at Google. How does execution happen? This video is a very detailed presentation on the OKR process- Objectives and Key Results that everyone at Google Follows.

Interestingly this process was suggested to Google Founders, Larry Page, Sergey Brin by John Doerr (VC) when Google was less than an year old.

Be warned that this video created for Google Ventures, is not entertaining, it is long 1 Hr 21 Min, but it is a very detailed presentation of how this process works.

Some key learning:-

- OKRs help clarify on what is important and what not to be working on.

-60% plus of the OKRs are driven from the team or the individual.

- Though one tracks whether Objectives and Key Results have been met or not. These are not part of the appraisal or increment process.

- Key Results need to be measurable, however if you are spending more than one minute on grading you are doing something wrong. Focus needs to be on doing things not measuring.

- High scores are rare. Low scores does not mean failure.

- Look at Grades on OKRs as data to what needs to be stopped doing, and look at the assumptions made while setting the OKRs. What to stop doing and what to continue doing is what is the outcome of reviewing OKRs

-Team OKRs are discussed once a quarter. Idea is to explain why you got a particular grade and what did we learn and what to do next. And set next teams OKRs.

- Revisit the OKRs Once or Twice a quarter with team leaders to see if one is on track. If not see if the OKRs need to be revisited, stop doing something or renew focus on what is important.

- Needs to be a light weight process. Focus on Doing the Work rather than meeting to discuss the work.

Recommend this to entrepreneurs and business leaders.