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Young Developers Earned Over $30M On Roblox In 2017, The Gaming Site Kids Visit More Than YouTube

Social gaming platform Roblox is bigger than YouTube among kids - and it's paying out a lot of money to the next generation of video game developers.
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LinkedIn Embraces Its Inner Snapchat With New Video Features

Launching less than a year ago, LinkedIn was really late to the native video upload game. At the time, I wrote, “Employers will now be able to post videos and get data that actually supports recruiting. Imagine a company promoting a...
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YouTube still hasn't figured out how to keep its videos age-appropriate

YouTube Kids is once again facing questions over the content of its app. This time, it's not violent videos but questionable conspiracy theories.  A report in Business Insider found the app recommended a number of videos promoting conspiracy
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'The Office' made a 'Making a Murderer' parody about the Scranton Strangler

The official YouTube account of The Office released a video called "Making a Strangler" — a parody of Netflix's docuseries Making a Murderer. "Making a Strangler" seems to peg Toby Flenderson as the potential Scranton Strangler through a
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The NCAA: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

From: Via: I liked a @YouTube video Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
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YouTube's solution to scary conspiracy theories: Wikipedia

YouTube is the place to find the TRUTH about 9/11, the moon landing, vaccines, and the healing power of crystals. And by truth, we mean conspiracy theories from guys with the username red_pill75.  At SXSW on Tuesday, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki
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Jake Paul's video about school shootings doesn't involve any actual gun control

With 14 million YouTube subscribers and millions more on his various platforms, vlogger Jake Paul has massive influence. Unfortunately, his new plan to end school shootings doesn't instill much confidence that he can use it to truly enact change.
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This song addresses what it's like to grow up surrounded by social media

Rising star Hailey Knox is serving some serious truth with 'Don't Got One' - her song that directly confronts what it is like to grow up in the age of social mediaDespite the 19-year-old artist emerging with the help of platforms like YouTube and
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Digital transformation journey: Making an elephant dance

From: Buisness-standard By Kushe Bahl Recommended by: business-standard There’s a lot to love about elephants — like the best traditional companies, they are strong, powerful and have long memories! What they aren’t known for is
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There's just something about Adriene: How Yoga with Adriene dominates YouTube

Adriene Mishler exudes plenty of mushy-gushy spiritual thinking, but the yoga evangelist embraces something else, too: self-deprecating humor. That's part of what has made her so accessible to her 3.2 million YouTube subscribers. When she mentions