Xpressions 2014- Trade Wars

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Trade Wars is an online simulation game managed by Finance cell of XIMB- XFIN for Xpressions, the 
annual management festival of XIMB. 'Trade wars' simulates the working of Indian stock market and 
commodities exchange. Participants are exposed to the nuances of trading and investing in this pan 
Indian virtual trading game with the highest earner emerging as the winner at the end of the event 
Trading is always a very speculative and interesting game. The economic conditions this year has 
sprouted the essence of trading amongst many. With opportunities galore, many want to join the 
trading bandwagon but the risk factor and lack of experience prove to be a big hindrance. Addressing 
these issues, Trade Wars envisions to enable a nationwide trading phenomenon. 
This year enthusiastic participation from more than 500 participants registering for the event. The event 
is divided into two stages. First stage is the online realtime equity trading on the ICICI virtual trading 
platform. This stage is a 10 days window between 21st October and 31st October. The second stage of 
the event involves power point presentations by the top 10 investors in round 1. These top 10 investors 
are required to explain their strategy followed in the first round.
In round 1, every participant is provided with a virtual cash of Rs. 15, 00,000. Trading done during live 
market hours from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM from Monday to Friday is considered for the first round. As per 
the rules, trading only in Equities is allowed.  At the end of the trading window, The Top 10 Investors 
qualify for the second round which requires the contestants to send their investment strategy and ideas 
via a power point presentation by Nov 4th, 2014.
With prizes worth Rs 23,000 up for grabs, Trade Wars is one of the most popular event in Xpressions 
2014. More details of the event is available here: http://ximbxpressions.com/trade-wars.html


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