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Best deals for Oct. 17: Save on Apple iPad Pro, LG 4K TVs, Dyson vacuums, Audible, Echo Show, and more

You want deals? We got deals. Save on tablets, vacuums, and Amazon devices, plus get fantastic discounts from IGN's 24-hour deals event Night of the Living Deals, which goes through Oct. 18 at 9am EST. SEE ALSO: Get a month of Audible Gold and other
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'Assassin's Creed: Odyssey' reviews are here to talk about good times in ancient Greece

Assassin's Creed took a year-long break in 2016, then came out swinging last year with a quite literally game-changing new vision for the series in Assassin's Creed: Origins. It's a year later now and there's no break this timeAssassin's Creed:
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'Fortnite' cross-play comes to PlayStation. This is huge.

The Fortnite community on PlayStation is at long last ready to join their brothers and sisters who play the game anywhere else. Sony announced on Wednesday the launch of an "extended Fortnite cross-play beta" for the PlayStation 4 version of the
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Walmart has the Xbox One S on sale for $200, plus get 'Fallout 4' for free

Outside of Black Friday, you really can't find a deal on the Xbox One S better than this. Walmart just dropped the price on the Xbox One S to less than $200. Although it retails for $249.99, the retailer just slashed the price down to only $199.99.
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Sony's stubborn stance on cross-compatibility is holding video games back

With the arrival of Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch Tuesday, it's become abundantly clear that Sony is holding back the video game industry. Why? Because Switch users can play Fortnite with players on every platform — Xbox One, PC, Mac, and
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Google Assistant and Alexa might be coming to Xbox One

Some of us already like screaming at our Xbox when things don't go our way, but you might be able to make those vocalisations useful. As first reported by Windows Central, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants are on their way to the
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Pick up an Xbox One S bundled with one of today's popular games

What's the only thing better than getting a new console? Getting it bundled with a new game. That's what you can get on Amazon right now with an Xbox One S that comes with one of today's popular games. SEE ALSO: Love Pokémon? This epic
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The best gaming deals available right now include PSVR, Xbox One S and Nintendo Switch Bundles, plus see the best of Amazon deals of the day

Its widely known that out of the high-end virtual reality headsets, PlayStation VR is the most affordable. And, Sony are lowering the asking price even further. SEE ALSO: Here's what the critics think of 'Ready Player One' This also applies to the
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Thursday's best deals: Star Wars AR headsets, Xbox One consoles, 20% off Amazon Echo devices, and more

Raise your hand if you enjoy getting out of bed. ... Yeah, no. Thankfully, today's deals are all about not getting out of bed for as long as possible. Alexa is here to help with almost any request you have, from ordering food to playing baby making
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Gamers say their real names were revealed on Xbox One

Gamers are complaining their real names are being exposed on Xbox One, and Microsoft is on the case.  According to a Reddit thread on Thursday, many players were finding their gamertags subbed out for their real names. SEE ALSO: Xbox Live is