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Can US democracy come back?

From: Buisness-standard By Joseph E Stiglitz Recommended by: business-standard America's ideals of freedom, democracy, and justice for all may never have been fully realised, but now they are under open attackThe United States has
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10,000 flames lit at the Tower of London mark 100 years since WWI

This year marks 100 years since the end of World War I.  700,000 British soldiers lost their lives in the war, which was fought from 1914 to 1918. The fallen soldiers are being commemorated at The Tower of London in the British capital with a
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'Black Ops 4' is the first truly new Call of Duty game since 2007. It's refreshing.

For 11 years, Call of Duty has been a safe bet for Activision.  It's popular, it sells by the boatload, and it changes very little year after year. It prints money, basically. But Black Ops 4, released on Oct. 12, upends that common thinking.
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A 6-Part Tool for Ranking and Assessing Risks

Leaders can benefit from CARVER, a system created by U.S. intelligence during World War II.
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4 Ways a Financial Wellness Program Benefits You and Your Employees

The Great Recession of 2008 was the single biggest financial catastrophe to hit the U.S. in the Post World-War II era. Though this may seem like old news, and the country may seem well on its way to recovery, millions...
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7 new 'Battlefield V' features that promise to change the way you play

We now know about the big picture for Battlefield V. World War II setting. New cooperative mode. New approaches to progression and personalizationNo more premium pass. SEE ALSO: 'Battlefield V' brings huge changes, but maybe not what you're
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Antibiotic use skyrockets globally, stoking fears of tough 'superbugs'

Antibiotics made their big debut during World War II, when the U.Spumped out increasingly potent doses of penicillin to successfully combat bacterial infections in troops. These antibacterial drugs have been hugely effective in the seven decades
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Divers find undetonated WWII bomb lurking in city harbour

There's a bunch of things you'd expect to be submerged in a city harbour: Garbage, the odd shopping trolley, a car wreck or three. But perhaps not an undetonated World War II-era bomb. SEE ALSO: In 1964, a nuclear bomb exploded in Mississippi and
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2 total strangers recreated a famous WWII photo at the Eagles parade

Twitter is a place where people like to argue and shout at each other a lot — but it's also a place where two total strangers can arrange to recreate famous historical photographs. SEE ALSO: Meet the Super Bowl selfie kid who became a meme
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What Manipur’s upcoming WWII war museum says about the state today

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Arambam Angabam Singh is willing to take a wide-angled view of history, and make allowances for lapses in memory, but only up to a point. An engineer by training, and a dedicated