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Bro responsible for Fyre Festival pleaded guilty to fraud

Remember the absolute failure that was the overhyped, under-delivered Fyre Festival? Just under a year from that fateful weekend, the business bro responsible is being held accountable. Per a report from the New York Times, festival organizer Billy
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Massive waves from weekend nor'easter cause damage in Caribbean, reach South America

This weekend's storm reserved its full might for southern New England, where winds gusted to 93 miles per hour and coastal flooding occurred for at least five tide cycles. But the nor'easter that struck Washington, D.C., New York, Providence, and
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How those awards statuettes get made

We're in the home stretch of the movie awards race now, with the Indie Spirits and the Oscars coming this weekend to close out the season for another year.  Which means now's as good a time as any to stop and consider: Where do these awards
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FedEx won't end partnership with NRA because 'discrimination'

After a weekend of pressure from social media activists, FedEx has announced it will not end its discounted rate program for members of the National Rifle Association, which offers a discount of up to 26 percent. Following a school shooting which
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Marvel hasn't ever seen a success like 'Black Panther' before

In its opening weekend, Black Panther broke records. But in its second weekend, Marvel's latest showed us it's here to stay. Black Panther's estimated three-day box office total in the United States for Friday-Saturday-Sunday comes out to $108
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Twitter influencers suspect a bot 'purge'

Dan LaMorte lost 500 Twitter followers last weekend. As a comedian, he made a joke of it.  Twitter deleted millions of accounts over night, leading to me losing 500 followers by the time I woke up. At least send me flowers if you’re
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The guy behind the 4-hour workweek thinks you should work for 4 hours at WeWork

From: Mashable By Emma Hinchliffe Recommended by: Mashable Tim Ferriss made his name on productivity: how to get the most out of your workday, and your life, in just four hours. The Silicon Valley investor—in startups like Uber
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Four Secrets Of People Who Finish Their Workweeks On Thursday

We all often face the same problem: The workweek drags by at a glacial pace, while the weekend speeds past us before we even realize what’s happening.Mathematically, of course, it all makes sense. But what if you could change that? What if you could
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How To Craft A Perfect, Productive 40-Hour Workweek

When I ask people what they’d like to spend more of their work hours doing, I hear the same things over and over again. Mentoring. Nurturing relationships with colleagues. Reading industry literature. Sharing the great work you’re doing. Dabbling in