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A New Year - A New Purpose.

The soul that has no established aim loses itself – Michael de Montaigne. The new year is upon us again, and as you read this special issue of Best Practices, I am sure that you will be motivated to implement some of these ideas in your
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The Secret Of Success

Actions driven by a strong intellect lead one towards success The whole world desires success. It is unfortunate that people do not pay attention to what constitutes success. It is neither the world nor the individual that spells success but how
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The making of 'SACK THE CEO'

The book has been through a tortuous journey for over two years. Today, after four weeks of launch, the book is already on the bestseller lists of, and also the top 10 bestselling management books list of Strategist-
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Love them or loose them

The biggest challenge faced by CEOs and HR functionaries alike is how to attract and retain the best available talent. This is because finding the ideal person has become an increasingly tough job. And after getting the talent retaining is the next
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Connecting for better health

Technology is poised to bring realtime healthcare solutions to your doorstep and reduce hospital stays to necessities. The healthcare industry is increasingly going mobile with Palm OS, PDAs (Palm Digital Assistant), muscle and bone maps, to
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Basics of auto insurance

One of the important components or factors in the whole chain of buying, selling and using cars is the area of insurance. Under the Motor Vehicles Act, all motor vehicle owners must have insurance cover. In this article, we outline the various terms
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All about the used cars market and buying one

Guess how many old Ambassadors ply on our roads as a percentage of the total number of running automobiles compared to say five  years back and today. If your answer has been drastically less, you have part answered the latest trend in the
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Introduction to Financial Planning

One of the most common reasons cited for not doing proper financial planning “Is if I continue to earn as much as I do now, what is the big problem? And anyways my salary will only increase with experience and hence I will always have enough
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Steps To "Personal Financial Planning"

I don’t know what the Seven Wonders of the World are,, but I know what the eighth wonder is: “Compound Interest”. – Baron Rothschild Intelligent investing is all about how effectively you are able to balance your risk
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Personal investing The Long and Short of it

It is a tricky area as it is quite personal and what works for two different individuals may be as different as chalk and cheese. But there is an underlying uniformity in the approach, rigor or mix, which marks the portfolios of people who have done