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The B.O.S. of Success

Do you want to be successful?  Who does not? However defining success is another matter. To some, success might lie in the eyes of the world like Rahul Dravid scoring a double century, to someone else it could be personal success, a
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Taxation of Compensation An overview

Do you know why any new taxes hurts the salaried class more than any segment of taxpayers, particularly in India? This primarily happens because there is hardly any scope for keeping any income paid by the employer out of the ambit of taxation
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Crisis, A Cry for Something better?

This is the story about a young man about whom I read recently. This young man was crest fallen, depressed and an expanse of emptiness lay in front of him. It was but natural for him to be in this state, for he had just watched his dream get
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A guide to juggling priorities

Despite numerous books, theoretical frameworks and ongoing research, the art and science of juggling priorities still remains an enigma to most involved in setting up and establishing operations or ventures. When we decided to focus on this for our