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Dominating the slipper(y) market

        For the last 15 years, Anand’s family business has been to manufacture ‘Ruby’ Hawaii Slippers. The business has brought respect and status for them in a small town in Kerala where
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Launching WorkEasy

Managers face many practical problems in the course of their work that have enormous bearing on the manager’s work as well as the company’s performance. Since most issues do not have a straight answer, fresh student minds could probably
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The mind and body connection

Health is one thing you can’t pass the buck about. It is you who is responsible for your health. An out of shape body obviously point to neglect. And that reflects badly on you. Did you know that your mind and body are inseparable and that
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Srilanka Destination Browse

Sri Lanka, also known as the ‘pearl up on the brow of India,' has lately become the hub of business activity and an attractive tourist destination, despite unrest and strife.   With the agricultural sector being replaced by
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Ryzing to the occasion

Here's one more way to work smart: human networking.   Renowned technocrat Sam Pitroda says, "My wife always asks me why I have film actors as your friends... what inputs do they give! I tell her that today if I am alive and
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Challenging the mind

The mind is a wonderful creation; it is designed to be lazy.   Next time you are hear a person make a positive comment that sounds utterly impracticable, remember it could be a challenge in disguise and a reminder of a change that
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The Dilbert Principle

When I entered the workforce in 1979, the Peter Principle described management pretty well. We didn't appreciate it then, but it always provided us with a boss who understood what we did for a living. Granted, he made consistently bad decisions
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Know thy customer

Knowing your product as well as a good analysis of your customer could be the magic mantra to closing those crucial deals. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, entrepreneur or technical specialist, you too need to sell – to survive
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Skills Versus Experience

Is the IT industry dominated by qualified persons? Does a technically skilled persons stand a good chance? Are young engineers better then the oldies? Some answers… I have a question in mind all the time. Are technical skills,
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Reinventing the Provident Fund

Recently when the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FKCCI) had organised an interaction of the industry representatives with the Central Provident Fund Commissioner, several concerns about EPF were raised. We later met