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Resist the resistance to change

There's an old saying that goes:  It is easy to change things.  It is hard to change people.  Resistance to change is perhaps the biggest threat to progress a business can face. Case in point:  In 1972, a young engineer
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Rethinking and integrating manufacturing and marketing  - the Volkswagen way! How better can innovation in production transparency get? Watch this amazing video. #avg_ls_inline_popup { padding: 0px; overflow: hidden; position: absolute; z-
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Control your reality in dreams

One of the summer's biggest box office draws was the movie Inception, which explored the idea of controlling one's dreams.  Collapsing cities, zero gravity, imaginary buildings and intermingled layers of the dreams of many people
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THE PROFESSIONALISM IMPERATIVE what is it, how to be   Most people seem unable to clearly define ‘professionalism’. Try asking this in your office. Responses will be varied, and you won’t get a clear and succinct
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CUSTOMERS – SOME SURE-FIRE WAYS TO LOSE THEM Enough has been said about retention of customers. Now here are some tips for successfully getting rid of them, since many companies seem determined to lose customers…to the competition
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Discovering and Going after your Passions.

More can happen and better if each individual focuses on what they are good at. This brings joy as well as better team productivity. At the end of a busy day do you feel tired and drained or do you feel charged up? The difference between the two
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Is Electric vehicles business still in nascent stage in India ?

  The first electric bike was on Indian roads by this middle of this decade. In less than a decade, India has now more than 100 e-bike companies as per ARAI stats. E-bike component manufacturers started evolving now-a-days keeping
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How great leaders inspire action

In your message do you focus on the What and the How or do you focus on the Why? Simon Sinek in this very interesting Ted talk, says that great leaders focus on the Why. A very useful think to remember when designing your communication or possibly
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Dan Gilbert: Why are we happy? Why aren't we happy?

Our continued quest for Happiness goes on even as we sometimes question ourselves whether we will find it. In this intriguing TED talk, Dan Gilbert gives concrete evidence to show us what makes us happy and how we perceive happiness in different
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Succeed in the marathon of life

I ran my first marathon after my fiftieth birthday.  I've run nine more since then, including the New York and Boston marathons.  I'm proud of that fact for a number of reasons, not because I ever came anywhere close to finishing