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How to run a company with (almost) no rules

From: By Ricardo Semler Recommended by: Vsquare What if your job didn’t control your life? Brazilian CEO Ricardo Semler practices a radical form of corporate democracy, rethinking
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Holiday recovery: Get back to work with less stress

A lecturer on stress management raised a glass of water and asked, “How heavy is this glass of water?”  Answers from the audience ranged from 20 grams to 500 grams.  “The absolute weight doesn't matter.”
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Do you know your purpose?

I came across this wonderful article by Rich Roll, where he talks about the purpose of life. Once this purpose is clear, there's no looking back. Everything just flows.
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Exercise your body to exercise your brain

I went for a jog with two good friends the other day.  A very long jog.  A half-marathon, in fact. Mark Paper, a friend since childhood, and Bobby Eldridge, both very successful businessmen, joined me for the second straight year of
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Complexity and the Ten-Thousand-Hour Rule

From:   By: Malcolm Gladwell Via: A few thoughts on the 10,000 hour rule--and its critics.   Forty years
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Bring change to your work life

Many times, in order to survive we have to start a change process.  Change, for most people, is an unnerving experience.  But as the old saying goes, change is inevitable.  It’s one of the only constants in life. I have
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Insurance is for protection, not wealth creation

Life insurance has been invented by the society as a financial tool for creating a corpus to be utilised when financial support or protection is needed the most in someone's life. Insurance, therefore, is very different from savings, banking, and
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Conquer resistance with persistence

While my days of running marathons are just pleasant memories, I still get the itch this time of year when the Twin Cities and Chicago Marathons are held.   I have ten marathons under my belt, including four New York races and one
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Control your reality in dreams

One of the summer's biggest box office draws was the movie Inception, which explored the idea of controlling one's dreams.  Collapsing cities, zero gravity, imaginary buildings and intermingled layers of the dreams of many people
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The Secret to Balance

Do you have balance in your life?  Personal and professional balance in our lives seems to be the ever-elusive dream.  Trying to balance home, work, health, spiritual discipline, and free time seems almost impossible.  Business people