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Woman says her ex-boyfriend STOLE HER TOILET after she broke up with him

There are hundreds of break up horror stories online — tales of vindictive exes destroying property, spreading rumors, or even trying to ruin careers. But this story takes the cake.  Redditor u/shelblikadoo broke up with her (now ex)
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Woman finds parents' old love letters and reduces the internet to tears

Romance isn't dead, folks.  This tweet about one woman's parents' long distance relationship will restore your faith in the power of love. Just trust us on this one.  SEE ALSO: Team Twitter reunites woman with a letter sent to her by a
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Woman gets sentimental neck tattoo and then realizes it's the Toronto Blue Jays logo

When Amanda Fiske got another tattoo last August, she thought it would be a sentimental reminder of her childhood home in the suburbs of Boston.  Instead, a friend pointed out, the final product looked a lot like the Toronto Blue Jays logo. It
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Amazon's 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' is a haunting portrait of womanhood

For a long time, reboots were the plague of an entertainment industry that refused to let original ideas and perspectives flourish. But Amazon's reimagining of Peter Weir's seminal 1979 film Picnic at Hanging Rock flies in the face of this
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Facebook gives one woman the notification we've all been waiting for

Finally, Facebook has done something right. SEE ALSO: Facebook's new transparency report ignores its biggest problems Something that we can fully embrace in the middle of the dumpster fire of 2018.  Behold, the greatest notification one can
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Meet the first woman to run the New York Stock Exchange

For the first time in history the New York Stock Exchange has chosen a woman to serve as its president. On Friday, Stacey Cunningham, who is currently the chief operating officer of the NYSE, will replace Tom Farley as the 67th president of the
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Woman orders 'Summa Cum Laude' cake, gets the censored version instead

Cara Koscinski just wanted a nice dessert for her son's graduation party. What she received was a cake that she says prompted "total embarrassment" and multiple conversations about the alternative meaning of the Latin word "cum." In a Facebook post
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May we all be as extra as this woman watching the royal wedding in her wedding dress

Waking up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday to watch the royal wedding is a feat in and of itself. Still, you probably didn't go as hard as this woman. In a Reddit post on Sunday, user BlackFeign posted that he walked into his living room on Saturday to find
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Need Women Applicants? A List of the Targeted Information That Triggers Applications

Learn About the 25+ Information Areas That Excite Women to Apply In last week’s article entitled “Need Women Applicants? Understand Why Micro-Targeting Women Triggers More To Apply,” I highlighted some success stories and
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GIF project highlights women and minority filmmakers

Italian filmmaker Elena Rossini is shedding some much-needed light on women and minority creators with her project We Are Film Directors, which just highlighted its 100th filmmaker: Rossini herself. With We Are Film Directors, Rossini is populating