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Hiring Wisdom: Hard Questions Make For Better Hires

Although impolite, rude, and bullying social media behavior grab the headlines, ours is still a basically polite society. That’s why most of us rely on our pre-employment paperwork to ask job applicants the tough questions about
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8 Books Every Young Leader Should Read

From:   By: Deep Patel Via: RT @RobertCialdini: 8 Books Every Young
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When a lesson can be summed up in a few well-chosen words, the message often stays with the student.A little tool to jog the memory,a clever saying to remind you what is truly important –that’s why “Mackay’s Moral” appears at the end of each of my
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Good Gawd: Unconventional Startup Wisdom From The Hardest Working Man In Show Business

A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. Despite his non-existent education and numerous personal demons, James Brown was a gifted entrepreneur who reveled […] The post Good Gawd: Unconventional Startup Wisdom From The Hardest
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Hiring Wisdom: Focus On Hiring Right and Not Avoiding Wrong

Quit concentrating on how to avoid hiring the wrong people and focus instead on how to find and hire the right ones. The primary goal of most hiring managers and hiring systems is to screen out the least suitable applicants. They give scant
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Hiring Wisdom: Resolving Workplace Conflicts

According to recent reports, managers spend over 35 percent of their time dealing with workplace conflict. So, once it’s begun, how do you stop the wars between workers? Here’s a suggest method: Bring the conflicting parties together.
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Wisdom is a matter of both heart and mind, research finds

From: Via: Wisdom is a matter of both heart and mind, research finds
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Psychologists uncover list of characteristics shared across cultures in N. America that shape today's vision of 'wisdom'

From: Via: Across cultures in N. America, what shapes today's vision of 'wisdom'?