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Shashi Tharoor Speech @ Nehru: Invention Of India

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Here are the most unforgettable Wikipedia vandalism trolls of all time

It's Troll Week on Mashable. Join us as we explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of internet trolling. It may seem counterintuitive, but it's possible for trolling to reach an art form — think subtle and even sublime — especially
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How to Source Candidates on Medium

Wikipedia describes Medium as an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams launched in August 2012. The platform is an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or
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Develop your cursory knowledge even faster with Wikipedia's Page Previews

Wikipedia puts the world's collected knowledge within the reach of just a few mouse clicks. And now, thanks to a new feature called Page Previews, it takes even fewer.  It's a straightforward idea that will make it markedly easier to gain a
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YouTube's solution to scary conspiracy theories: Wikipedia

YouTube is the place to find the TRUTH about 9/11, the moon landing, vaccines, and the healing power of crystals. And by truth, we mean conspiracy theories from guys with the username red_pill75.  At SXSW on Tuesday, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki
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Spotify takes a page from Wikipedia's playbook

Spotify is dabbling in crowdsourced information, taking a leaf out of Wikipedia's book. The music streaming platform has started collecting suggested metadata edits from its users. SEE ALSO: Will Spotify and Apple Music soon be forced to jack up
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25 little ways to get closer to your dream job this week

Changing careers is a big, scary feat.Scratch that. A huge, terrifying feat. When your dream job has pretty much nothing to do with what you've been working toward your entire career — bridging that gap can feel overwhelming.I've been there. I used
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Chris Sacca: 'As a culture, we don't treat our girls as potential business leaders'

Chris Sacca sits in a mostly empty plain white room in his Manhattan Beach, California home, far from the power brokers in San Francisco and New York. The room's lack of color only emphasizes his own abundance of it: Sacca sports his trademark black