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The Future of Recruiting Will Combine Hiring Machines With Psychology

When it comes to AI-based hiring assessment tools, we are presently at the bottom of the Technology Adoption Curve staring upward. Those brave enough to be “innovators” and “early adopters” must accept that emerging assessment technologies are far
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How to Master the Business Presentation

“The business world revolves around presentations. When it comes time to make a decision, people sit down to review the analysis, discuss the issues and reach agreement. Later, executives communicate the strategy to employees with
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Best gifts for your mom: Gift ideas for the woman who brought you into this world

When it comes to buying gifts for your mother, don’t shy away from technology, gadgets, and trends. There’s an unfortunate narrative afoot that suggests that everything your mother might want can be placed in a kitchen cupboard or
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The best Cyber Monday laptop deals in the UK

If you are based in the US, please visit this page for the best Black Friday laptop deals from across the pond. Best deals for Monday, Nov. 26 We are posting the best live laptop deals from Black Friday on this page, but if you are looking for
mashable's picture has released a range of pre-Black Friday deals on the Samsung Galaxy S9

When it comes to deals, it feels like everyone is primed on the start line, ready to sprint when Black Friday finally arrives. Well before you engage in any form of physical activity, it's important to warm up — and it's no different when it
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The Evolution of the Candidate Funnel: Diamond Recruiting

Recently, experts have been saying that the marketing funnel is dead. When it comes to recruiting, sourcing and talent acquisition, we couldn’t agree more. We prefer to view the process as a Diamond, because like Aladdin we, as recruiters, are
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7 of the best drip coffee makers to get your caffeine fix at home

When it comes to rituals, few are appreciated more than the daily dose of coffee.  Whether it's giving us life first thing in the morning, providing us with a very necessary midday pick-me-up, or just a reason to have our friends to stay a
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Amazon is currently offering 55% off Grado's legendary SR60 headphones

Audiophiles and casual listeners everywhere, LISTEN UP. Because we're kind of flipping out over this deal and we're sure you will too. When it comes to getting quality sound at a reasonable price, the legendary Grado SR60 Prestige Series headphones
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Are You Inviting Everyone to Dance?

“Diversity and inclusion.” As often as we hear this term, you’d think the two words are synonymous or inseparable. They are neither. What’s more, when people lump them together, they usually end up focusing on the former. The