What were the most ridiculous startup ideas that eventually became successful?

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Fascinating that such successful companies might have looked ridiculous when they got started. Interesting discussion on Quora, make one wonder how to predict Startup Success. Post the event ofcourse it is easy to explain success or failure!

It is possible to create a good startup with a good idea, but great startups are often the result of ideas that would have seemed ridiculous if you had heard them prior to seeing them working.


Ask yourself, if you were a venture capitalist pitched one of these ideas, what would your reaction have been?

Facebook - the world needs yet another Myspace or Friendster except several years late. We'll only open it up to a few thousand overworked, anti-social, Ivy Leaguers. Everyone else will then join since Harvard students are so cool.

Dropbox - we are going to build a file sharing and syncing solution when the market has a dozen of them that no one uses, supported by big companies like Microsoft. It will only do one thing well, and you'll have to move all of your content to u.....


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