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Princess Eugenie's wedding dress carried an inspiring message about self-image

At her royal wedding, Princess Eugenie wore a dress with a low-cut back that revealed a long scar from an operation on her spine, inspiring others with back scars to share photos and feel more comfortable with their bodies. SEE ALSO: Royal wedding
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Royal wedding takes turn for the NSFW with BBC subtitle error

British royal weddings are usually posh affairs, steeped in tradition, and not really the place to make mention of, uuuh, people's private parts.  That is nonetheless what happened when BBC News subtitled its coverage of Princess Eugenie's
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Cara Delevingne rocks up to royal wedding in suit and top hat, everyone else go home

You might not have heard, but there's yet another royal wedding taking place. No, no, Meghan and Harry aren't renewing their vows. It's Princess Eugenie's wedding to Jack Brooksbank. Cara Delevingne, who's a friend of Eugenie, showed up to the
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David Harbour agrees to officiate a wedding as Hellboy for 666,000 retweets

David Harbour is back into the retweet game. The Hellboy star promised to officiate film reporter Spencer Perry's wedding in full Hellboy costume — that is, if Perry gets 666,000 retweets.  666kOf this tweet.Big Red officiates. Full Gear
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Inadequacy on parade

A never-ending stream of pictures. People who are prettier than you, happier than you, more confident than you. Weddings that are fancier than yours was, with sun-dappled trees, luscious desserts and delighted relatives. Or perhaps it’s the
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'Destination Wedding' is an insufferable, exhausting first date that refuses to end

Destination Wedding: It's basically Under the Tuscan Sun if Tuscany were filled with insufferable jerks and their mundane problems. SEE ALSO: Inside the cult of Ann Dowd: 'The Handmaid's Tale' actress offers a masterclass in the art of antagonists
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How 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' revived our cold, dead hearts

I need to start with a confession: I've never liked rom-coms. Like, not even once. And that comes with a second confession: My distaste for rom-coms goes hand-in-hand with my acceptance that I'll die alone because love is a trap designed to imprison
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All the 'Game of Thrones' players dressed up for Rose and Kit's wedding and we can't look away

Jon Snow and Ygritte finally tied the knot, everyone! And all your Game of Thrones faves were there to celebrate. On Saturday, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie — who fell in love after playing on-screen love interests — got married in
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Google celebrates Meghan and Harry's wedding with stunning Doodle

All eyes are on the royal bride and groom today, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get ready to walk down the aisle.  And, it wouldn't be a day of celebration without a Google Doodle to mark the occasion.  If you venture to Google's
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6 royal weddings from history that blow Harry and Meghan's out of the water

Sure, Harry and Meghan's wedding looks fun, but when you compare it to what came before it's basically just tea and biscuits in a rec-centre. SEE ALSO: The acting roles of Meghan Markle before her royal engagement History is littered with royal