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Weather report interrupted by breaking news of good doggo walking across the screen

There's only one thing better than hearing a pleasant weekend weather forecast, and that is hearing a pleasant weekend weather forecast with a dog on screen.  Josh Judge, weatherperson for news channel WMUR-9 out of Manchester, New Hampshire
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This Weather Startup Provides Hyperlocal Data To Customers Like Monsanto

Weather startup Understory will be working with Monsanto to provide hyperlocal weather data for corn fields in Argentina.
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Kindergartners should probably always do the weather report

Nashville kindergartner Carden Corts (he already has a perfect anchorman name) produced what might be the best Kindergarten-level project in existence.  The assignment was to make a weather forecast video for school, and his father, who works
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The geeks are taking over the Weather Channel

The geeks are back at the Weather Channel, and they're ready to return the network to its nerdy roots. That's the message the network is sending with the new show, "Weather Underground TV," which will air five nights a week from six to eight p.m.
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Know the symptoms & treatment of tick bites

From:   By: Kate Rinsema Via: Know the symptoms & treatment of tick bites’s the time of