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The weather tax

In the short run, weather emergencies can create a boost in the economy. They put people to work, require new building, emergency action and investment. But like a war, these boosts are only temporary. Over time, the work and cost of dealing with
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10 of the best weather stations, according to online reviews

Weather is one of our big obsessions here at Mashable (just take a look at our Science page if you don't believe us). We've covered everything from incoming tornadoes in the midwest that contribute to climate change to our favorite cloud types (
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Storm chasers, get ready: The first severe weather outbreak of 2018 begins Tuesday

The weather in the Plains states has been anything but normal lately. Oklahoma — a state synonymous with tornadoes — didn't have a single twisters through April 30, a new record. Instead, states from Texas north to Nebraska have been
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Home, tech, and Samsung Galaxy S9 deals that are as hot as the weather

Here's today's daily dose of the hottest deals around. Kitchen Amazon's ChoiceKenwood KVC5100S Chef Elite Kitchen Machine. Was £469.99, now £209.99 Philips Avance Collection Juicer, 1 Litre. Was £220, now £130.27 
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This Weather Startup Provides Hyperlocal Data To Customers Like Monsanto

Weather startup Understory will be working with Monsanto to provide hyperlocal weather data for corn fields in Argentina.
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Space photos of the spring nor'easter will bring out your inner weather nerd

For most people, a snow day calls to mind visions of blowing snow, hot chocolate, and a day off from school, but weather nerds tend to look at things a little differently.  Satellite loops, showing off what a storm's moisture, atmospheric
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Finally, a 'Black Panther' meme that perfectly sums up this weird 'spring' weather

The sign of a good movie is usually high box office numbers, sure, but in my humble opinion it should be the number of memes it provides. Black Panther checks off both those boxes, and the latest meme to come from the Marvel hit perfectly
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Weather bureau staff investigated for alleged cryptocurrency mining on work computers

Look, mining cryptocurrency off work computers mightn't be the greatest of ideas. Two IT employees at Australia's Bureau of Meteorology are under investigation by the Australian Federal Police, alleged to have used the agency's computers to mine
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Nor'easter brings widespread threat of thundersnow, a dream for every weather nerd

Just like each of us has our own personality, each nor'easter is different, with its own idiosyncrasies and mood. The rapidly intensifying storm taking shape off the Mid-Atlantic and southern New England on Wednesday, for example, is unusually
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Second weather 'bomb' in less than a week is about to strike Mid-Atlantic, Northeast U.S.

Just a few days after a powerful storm caused widespread damage across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, another potent nor'easter is tracking toward the region. This one won't be quite as strong as the last event, which was so massive that it caused