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The polar vortex just split in two. Get ready for some wild weather from Europe to the U.S.

The polar vortex, the notorious swirl of winds around a low pressure area in the upper atmosphere over the Arctic, has split in two. Since the polar vortex tends to be associated with some of the coldest air during the winter, the split —
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Wild Arctic weather: Siberian temperatures swing 100 degrees Fahrenheit in 2 weeks

On weather maps, the high pressure area looks like a pockmark in the Arctic. The reddish, almost pink blotch goes from far eastern Russia across the Bering Sea and up into the Chukchi Sea, extending well north, into the Arctic. The unusually strong
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Heavy snowfall, freezing weather kills 27 children in Afghanistan

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Heavy snowfall and freezing weather has killed 27 children, all under the age of five, in a remote district in northern Afghanistan, officials said on Thursday fearing that the toll
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Bet on the weather in Australia and win 1 million

From: Mashable By Jenni Ryall Recommended by: Mashable You could have bet on this: A large storm cloud covers the Sydney CBD on March 5, 2014. Image: Getty ImagesYou can now put your money where your complaints are, with a new
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Kenneth Rogoff: Extreme weather and global growth

  Until recently, the usual thinking among macroeconomists has been that short-term weather fluctuations don't matter much for economic activity. Construction hiring may be stronger than usual in a March when the weather is unseasonably
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THUNDER & LIGHTNING: Weather Past, Present, Future

From: Via: The brilliant Lauren Redniss lectures tonight at the Museum of Natural History on her book "Thunder and Lightening."
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5 back-to-school traditions to adopt in the working world

The summer is over and it’s time for students to head back to school. As a young professional, this time of year may feel weird. As a student, the fall was full of rituals to prepare for the school year ahead; in the professional world, nothing
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The Hidden Costs Of The Summer Slump

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, offices all over the country get quieter as people go on vacation. But in addition to planned vacation, plenty of workers see the sunshine as a reason to call in sick to work. As many as 39% of full-time employees
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Is There A Small-Talk Gender Gap?

There are plenty of nonverbal strategies you can use to seal a business deal. From offering the other person a warm beverage and a soft chair, to touching them lightly on the arm, these seemingly small things set the stage for a positive interaction
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7 Things You Should Do To Build Your Career During The Summer Slump

When the sunshine beckons and the backyard hammock starts to look a lot more appealing than your cubicle, it becomes all too easy to put off those small but important career-building tasks.But the less-harried pace of the office during the lazy days