WD Launches India's 1st Door-to-Door Hard Disk Warranty Service

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WD Launches India's First Door-to-Door Hard Disk Warranty Service for Resellers and End Customers Across the Country
Western Digital today announced the launch of its unique "WD ExpressSM" warranty replacement program, whereby WD collects in-warranty WD hard drives and delivers replacement WD drives directly to the homes and businesses of its India customers, including distributors, resellers and end customers. A first of its kind to be offered by a storage vendor in India, WD Express is another component of WD's long-term plans to meet the needs of customers in India and grow its presence in the country.
Beginning today, the service will be available to all WD distribution customers in India through RT Outsourcing, the company's service partner in India. The replacement operation will combine an online product-return system (Return Material Authorization - RMA number generation) and national toll-free customer helpline with a door-to-door courier arrangement for drive replacement.
This service is available on all drives sold through WD's India distribution channel. As per the program, in the event of a drive failure, customers can register the drive's serial number and generate RMA numbers on the company's website at www.westerndigital/support. After the pick-up address is confirmed with the customer through WD's toll-free helpline (1800-11-93-93), customers can expect a courier service to pick up in-warranty failed drives from their doorsteps within one working day. A replacement drive is then couriered to the customer within a span of three working days of the failed drive reaching the central warehouse.
In addition to this new service announcement, starting April 01, 2006, all WD enterprise, desktop and notebook hard drives purchased from authorized WD distributors in India will carry a standard five-year limited warranty. As a result, customers in India who have purchased WD drives after April 1, 2006, will no longer need to upgrade their warranties via the online warranty extension system


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