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You can submerge this Bluetooth speaker in water and it will still work

Bluetooth speakers are great: they’re wireless, they’re portable, and they let you easily recreate that iconic scene from Say Anything without lifting a heavy boombox.  But most of them aren’t very durable and instantly die if
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Make sure you’re getting enough water with this hydration reminder gadget

'Ulla' is a small, light-up device that reminds you to stay hydrated. Just stick it onto a reusable bottle. If you're not drinking enough, it will blink to let you know when it's time to sip. You can purchase 'Ulla' here for $25.00 here. Read more
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4 ways you're doing water wrong (and how to fix it)

 You know you need to drink more water, but getting your 8 glasses in every day isn’t always easy. Staying hydrated keeps us healthy. It can impact kidney function, helps us boost our metabolism, and aids in digesting what we eat. But the
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These teams are competing to create devices that can extract water from thin air

Clean water is a necessity, but as recent events in Cape Town have shown, securing it isn't so easy. That looming challenge has led to a competition called the Water Abundance XPRIZE. It's getting teams to build technology which can extract a
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Cauvery, Cape Town have much in common: Cities need wisdom for water

From: Buisness-standard By Sunita Narain Recommended by: business-standard Cauvery and Cape Town — one a river flowing through agricultural fields and booming cities in south India and the other a modern and prosperous city in
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BJ Novak tweeting at Mindy Kaling is so pure you could filter water through it

If you are not already aware of the incredible friendmance that is Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak, please take a moment to educate yourself. SEE ALSO: Oprah's gift to Mindy Kaling's daughter makes all other presents look like garbage Mindy Kaling's
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Scientists found a new type of water in diamonds, holy crap

Scientists have found a new type of water known as Ice-VII from diamonds deep in the Earth's crust. This type of ice is about 1.5 times as dense as what we're used to (Ice I), with a different atomic composition similar to what's most commonly found
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It's okay if 'Shape of Water' made you horny

Warning: This post is swimming in sexy spoilers.  A fish-sex movie won big at the Oscars, and the bright spotlight seems to have heightened discomfort around the erotic interspecies romance at the center of The Shape of Water. From film critics
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There's a 'Shape of Water' fish-man dildo, and we have questions

Warning: This post contains NSFW images of a fish-man dildo. Best picture Oscar nominee Shape of Water invited viewers to imagine exactly what the mechanics of fish-man sex entail. But the merely implied explanation still leaves the age-old question
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Man wakes up to dog getting drink of water wrapped up in a blanket

Dogs continue to surprise with their strangely human activity. Twitter user @mythicalwndfish's dad woke up to the sound of their dog getting a midnight drink of water while wrapped in a blanket, before eventually returning to bed. Thankfully, the