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This whale was killed by 64 pounds of trash

About 64 pounds of plastic trash killed a young sperm whale that washed up in southeast Spain, according to scientists.  The whale, whose body landed in Cape Palos on Feb. 27, most likely died because it couldn't digest the plastic trash, fish
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10 endlessly fascinating websites to waste your time on

The internet is a vast, wonderful trove of information. There's so much to learn from a seemingly endless supply of resources. From video lectures about particle physics to step-by-step tutorials about starting urban farms — there are so many
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'Pokémon Go' is asking players to pick up trash for Earth Day

Pokémon Go is asking players to do more than catch Pokémon on Earth Day this year. On April 22, Pokémon Go developer Niantic is partnering up with a handful of local nonprofit organizations to clean and pick up trash in natural
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'Isle of Dogs' reflects the bleak reality that we treat dogs like garbage

This post contains spoilers for Isle of Dogs. Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs has some glaring flaws. But anyone with experience in (or even a cursory knowledge of) the institutions tasked with managing pet populations in the real world will tell
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The Top 10 Reasons Why Networking Events Are a Waste of a Jobseeker’s Time

It is certainly true that “who you know” has an impact on getting a great job but it’s a time-consuming mistake to assume that attending most networking events will result in you knowing “more of the right people.” In
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Does ordering delivery during a snowstorm make me a trash human?

*Stretches widely* *Inhales deeply and peacefully* Aaahhh! A snowstorm! Time to bundle up with all your blankets. Time to sip hot chocolate while staring wistfully at the accumulating snow. Time to ask yourself the age old question: "If I order
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Jimmy Kimmel shoves Trump's trash talkin' tweet back in his face

Maybe President Trump shouldn't criticize anyone over ratings. Donald Trump has a storied history of hating the Oscars, so it's not exactly surprising he'd fire off a tweet when it was announced that the Academy Awards continued its newfound
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Zero waste iPhone? That's complete garbage

Apple released an ad called 'Environment' that claims  iPhones are zero waste. We think that claim is totally misleading — here are 4 reasons why. Read more here.  Read more...More about Apple, Iphone, Smartphone, Mashable Video, and
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Apple's new 'zero waste' ad is complete garbage

The iPhone is hard to recycle, difficult to repair, and rendered needlessly obsolete by software updates — but Apple wants us to believe it's "zero waste." A new ad published to YouTube earlier this week implores customers to switch to an
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The most addictive Google Doodle games to waste an afternoon at work

The hottest new gaming device isn't a PlayStation. Or an Xbox. Or a Switch. Nope, the best new gaming comes courtesy of your good friend Google. Yes, you heard it here first. If you're in need of a new hobby, or some amusement to pass the time