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“You’ll pay a lot but you’ll get more than you paid for”

This has always been a viable position in the marketplace. For freelancers of every kind, it remains the best one. The hard part isn't charging a lot. The hard part is delivering more than the person paid for.      
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Want to Escape Hiring Inertia? Pay Higher Wages — and List Salary Details in Your Job Descriptions

Every employer wants to fill open jobs with qualified candidates fast. But recent employment and hiring trends data suggest that it’s only getting harder for companies to achieve that basic staffing objective. The DHI-DFH Mean Vacancy Duration
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Mark Zuckerberg hints at a paid version of Facebook

Among the "Yes, Senators" and "No, Senators" in Mark Zuckerberg's congressional testimony, the Facebook CEO may have dropped a breadcrumb about a big change for his company: a paid version of Facebook.  Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) grilled Mark
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Petition calls for Matt Smith to donate his pay disparity from 'The Crown'

Following the recent reveal that Matt Smith out-earned Claire Foy on The Crown – even though Foy was the true lead of the series – fans are calling on Smith to help even the score.  A Care2 petition is asking Smith and Netflix to
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Even the Queen of England gets paid less than her male counterpart in 'The Crown'

Producers for The Crown admit that Claire Foy was paid less than her male counterpart... despite having more screen time and playing the title character. This is just the latest in a wave of salary discrepancies in Hollywood. While many argue Matt
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A net neutrality activist trolled the FCC with a paid 'fast lane' outside their office

Rob Bliss wants you to pay $5 to use his priority access lane.  If you drive past the FCC's office building on 12th Street in Washington, D.C., you'll either have to pay Bliss to use the "fast lane" or get behind his very slow bike.  Bliss