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Grandma so confused by GIF that she heads directly to Verizon store for answers

Everyone remembers their first GIF. Forbes staff writer Alex Konrad was in a group chat with his grandmother, nicknamed Grammy, when one of his family members sent a Steve Harvey GIF. Grammy, who hadn't been exposed to a GIF before, understandably
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Verizon adds a third 'unlimited' plan in the name of choice

For Verizon, "unlimited" is getting more complicated. A new unlimited tier, Above Unlimited, is joining the current two tiers — Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited. Verizon says the whole point is to give consumers more choice, but the new tier
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It's official, net neutrality is dead. Here's what that means

Net neutrality laws — or the set of regulations that required internet providers to treat all websites equally — were officially repealed today.   The rules were originally enacted by the FCC under the Obama administration in
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Verizon trolls Comcast on Twitter after nationwide Business Voice outage

Verizon's social media team isn't messing around.  With Comcast Business’s Business Voice service experiencing outages today across the country, the company tweeted out a statement assuring its customers that it was looking into the
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Pre-order the Samsung S9 and get $350 off with trade-in, plus other massive deals from Verizon

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. It's here, Android users. It's finally here. March 2,
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Here's how much Samsung's Galaxy S9 will cost in the U.S.

Pre-orders for Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9+ start on March 2 and the phone launches worldwide on a week later on March 12. But how much is it going to cost you to get one in the U.S.? Thankfully, not $1,000Samsung's new Android phones will still cost
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Verizon will start locking its phones right when you buy them

The days of buying unlocked phones are over. Verizon is joining other phone carriers in the practice of keeping phones locked for a certain time period after purchase. That means you can't buy a Verizon phone and start using it on a different
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Yahoo signs off, completes sale to Verizon for $ 4.5 billion

From: Hindustan Times By AFP Recommended by: Hindustan times Internet pioneer Yahoo ended its two-decade run as an independent company on Tuesday, completing the sale of its core online assets to telecom giant Verizon.Yahoo’s
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Verizon has lost its one big advantage in the wireless wars

From: Mashable By Emma Hinchliffe Recommended by: Mashable The days of Verizon as the unequivocal top mobile network are over.The wireless carrier once known its superior wireless network can't really claim that advantage anymore
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4 ways to lower your cell phone bill

From: Mashable By NerdWallet Recommended by: Mashable Image: Getty Images/Tetra images RFHave you ever opened your cell phone bill and thought, “Wow, that was cheap?” Yeah, didn’t think so.But take heart: It’s possible to lower