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Pick Your Angel Investors Wisely

A great deal has been written about angel investing in recent years. Angel investing has become the sport of choice for many successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley (e.g., Dave Morin, Chris Michel, Ariel Poler, etc.). What's more, it has spawned
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The Value of Fundraising

In 2012 my partners and I raised our sixth fund, aptly named August VI. August VI is a $550 Million fund, with $300 Million focused on early stage opportunities and $250 Million designated for what we call "Special Opportunities" (spinouts
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How to start an Incubation center?

Entrepreneurship in India is on the verge of explosive growth. This also throws new opportunities for the eco-system to take shape. Angel investors, venture capital, media, startup clubs, service providers, mentors and training companies
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Social Entrepreneurship - Emerging Scenario in India

With such wide variety of enthusiastic entrepreneurs taking up the responsibility as social entrepreneurs, I am personally very optimistic about the future of the nation. Let me take up few points related to social entrepreneurship: 1. What is
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Investing behind successful entrepreneurs

Bill Davidow shares his thoughts and experiences about investing in innovative and creative ideas. He also shared the concept of Six Sigma Entrepreneur. Indian history has shown that India is a land of entrepreneurs. From very early