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Taxis, Drivers, and Where Uber and Ola could step up to the plate

A recent blog post on LI extolled the virtues of hail taxis and the new era of "Uberia". That set me thinking: aside from the possibly polarized views on the business viability of so many new-gen taxi ventures, are these mushrooming
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10 Things to do daily for entrepreneurs

During my school days, we used to have a time-table for full day. When to study, when to play, what time to go to sleep, exercises etc. and it was a wonderful way to keep us organized and pack in more in the 24 hours. Later, we went to college and
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Fundamentals of Finance for Entrepreneurs–Cost aspects

The first 100 days of a startup are known as a valley of death, that is the time when a company has the maximum risk of survival – and one of the biggest causes for the death of a startup is lack of cost planning. Cost control and management
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Basics of Finance for entrepreneurs

Finance is the holy grail for startup entrepreneurs. If you find it and manage it well, it can do wonders for your venture, but if you make few mistakes managing finance, it can break your back. It’s important to understand