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Venture-a-Question: On Start-up Valuation

From: By Anjana VivekRecommended by: anjanaOn the Art and Science of START-UP VALUATION, the post further has some with a link to an expert 1 hour session on startup valuation at IIIT Bangalore: Here is an extract from the post "As
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Conquest 2015 -BITS Pilani’s International Startup Conclave

With the development of the timeline of BITS Pilani’s International Startup Conclave, Conquest 2015 has seen enormous talent emerging from the budding entrepreneurs to revolutionize the Indian Startup Ecosystem. DCB Bank and CitrusPay
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About Conquest   Conquest is BITS Pilani’s international startup conclave which aims at encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship in India. Conquest is a perfect launchpad for every groundbreaking idea.It explores and
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Top 30 Indian B2B software product companies with total market cap over $6 billion

From: Recommended by: Anjana Vivek Per a recent report by iSPIRIT, Indian B2B Software Product companies are to be watched out for.. Pofessors from Stanford University and Indian
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5 new funds for startups from India’s tech biggies

From:   By: Malavika Velayanikal Via: 5 new funds for startups from India's tech biggies
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Loss Ratios In Early Stage VC

From: Via: Loss Ratios In Early Stage VC When I was early in my career, I casually mentioned to an older VC that I had yet to lose money on an investment
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Unplugging the Mystery of Startup Valuations

The mystery of startup valuations has existed since the day 1st startup was born! This topic is fundamental, emotional, scientific and artistic at the same  time. I have been asked this question often, and in different forms like "What is
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Magic behind financial projections in a startup

One question I have been repeatedly asked in all entrepreneurship events recently has been "How important is Financial Projection for a startup?". Like all subjective questions, the answer can range from "highly important" to
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So, what is the actual value of a company ?

First, a few events - A friend was approached by a VC to fund his idea. He accepted and later on found that the valuation he did was much less than how the VC did it. In other words, the VC had bought his shares cheap. - Another friend
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Who needs a VC and when?

  Mr. Ganesh Rengaswamy - co-founder, Travel Guru, Investment mentor and strategic adviser answers this question and more about  Funding, Valuation and Exits...   Excerpts :   One of the first questions I