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International Sourcing: Cultural Nuances and Sourcing Constants in a Globalized Recruitment Market

Whatever your political persuasion and views on the value of technology, one thing is sure, the world is getting ever more connected. For those in the recruitment community, this represents a unique opportunity to experience new business cultures.
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His last sculpture let you walk on water. Now artist Christo's floating 7,506 oil barrels on a London lake

Christo is an artist known for his larger than life installations that temporarily disrupt urban landscapes. He funds each project himself – from start to finish – so that his public art is available for free and to all. His latest
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The important reason buildings across London were illuminated in green

It's been a year since the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed 71 people in June 2017.  On the anniversary of the tragedy, buildings across London have been illuminated in green.  SEE ALSO: Activists use 'Three Billboards' to make a powerful
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'Love Island' is the best British reality dating show you're not watching

At precisely 9 p.m. every night for the next three months, just as the sun is setting over the United Kingdom, Twitter comes alive.  SEE ALSO: There's a new version of 'Netflix and chill' and it involves Harry Potter There's nothing in the
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'Vampyr' is a decent idea wrapped up in a terrible video game

London is in distress. Bodies are piling up. Hospitals are full. People are killing each other. Vampires are running rampant and drinking peoples' blood. And I really, really don't care. SEE ALSO: 7 new 'Battlefield V' features that promise to
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Internet boyfriend Benedict Cumberbatch literally fought off a bunch of muggers

Benedict Cumberbatch helped fight off a group of muggers attacking a cyclist in London, a mere stone's throw from Sherlock Holmes' Baker Street home. “The cyclist was lucky, Benedict’s a superhero," said Cumberbatch's Uber driver, who
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You've been getting British vs. American English all wrong

It's official, then: Meghan Markle, speaker of Standard American English, is now wed to Prince Harry, speaker of what he might call Grandma's English.  And if the experience of expat Americans in the U.K. or Brits in America (like this writer)
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UK school initiative encouraging kids to run around improving their health

'The Daily Mile' is the brainchild of former principal, Elaine Wyllie, who was concerned about the fitness and concentration among some students. She set up the program as a simple solution to a growing problem in many schools. Her idea has spread
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This tweet about the only 3 types of British crime show is spot on

You may think there are loads of different British crime shows out there, but you're wrong about that. There are actually only three different shows and they come in a variety of different disguises. SEE ALSO: 'Broadchurch' is the best British crime