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Foundations of Group Behaviour – Understanding Work Teams

From: Via: RT @VentureBean: Foundations of Group Behaviour – Understanding Work Teams vs.
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13 epic tweets only 'Fortnite' players will understand

Saying that Fortnite has done a lot of things right would probably be the understatement of the year. But if there's one thing everybody's new favourite game has done particularly well, it's tapping into meme culture. A quick glance at Twitter is
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Matt LeBlanc bows out of 'Top Gear' for a pretty understandable reason

Top Gear has had a turbulent run over the past few years, and that doesn't look set to change anytime soon. On Thursday evening, the BBC announced that Matt LeBlanc will be leaving the show after the next series. SEE ALSO: Matt LeBlanc's behind-the-
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Understanding The Tremendous Cost Of “Doing Nothing” in HR

When you notice an engine warning light in your car, most quickly calculate that “doing nothing” would be a costly option. And if you’re not familiar with the term, the “cost of doing nothing” is the costs that occur
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Understanding investor attitude

From: Buisness-standard By Devangshu Datta Recommended by: business-standard Given that Axis Bank declared horrendous Q4 results and faced a leaderhip crisis, it would have been understandable if investors had stampeded out of the
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How banks and finance firms are using AI to better engage with and understand you

Against a global backdrop of emerging technologies and ever-changing relationships between businesses and consumers, one thing is clear: leaders in the finance and banking industries will increasingly look to artificial intelligence to understand
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To understand Facebook's betrayal, just look at my mom

Facebook makes my mother miserable. She knows it, and she's disgusted with herself for nevertheless continuing to spend time scrolling through its endless updates. But I wish she knew that this seemingly self-sabotaging behavior is not her fault
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In-depth: Understanding the rural consumer and how to market to them

With more and more brands trying to increase their footprint in rural India, what must a marketer keep in mind when reaching out to a rural consumer?When a bicycle maker chanced upon a village in Rajasthan that believed in gifting the groom a
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How to understand the figure skating scoring system

As the women's free skate Thursday night begins to wrap up the Winter Games in Pyeongchang, all eyes will be on Russians Alina Zagitova and Yevgenia Medvedeva from the OAR Team. The skaters sit in the top two slots with 82.92 and 81.61 points,
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Extremely rich dude Tim Cook just doesn't understand the need for money

Money, who needs it? Not extremely rich dude and Apple CEO Tim Cook, apparently.  Sure, Cook's estimated net worth is around $666 million, but, as he explained while waxing philosophic during Apple's annual shareholder meeting on Feb. 13, that