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This nosy cat just doesn't understand the concept of personal space

Moo Moo, the very needy (and very sweet) cat has absolutely no regard for her owner's personal spaceMichael Vartan shared a video on YouTube of his typical morning routine with Moo Moo as she follows him through his apartment like a shadow. 
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Just because you don’t understand it

…doesn’t mean it isn’t true. …doesn’t mean it isn’t important. If we spend our days ignoring the things we don’t understand (because they must not be true and they must not be important) all we’re
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Foundations of Group Behaviour – Understanding Work Teams

From: Via: RT @VentureBean: Foundations of Group Behaviour – Understanding Work Teams vs.
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Understanding The Tremendous Cost Of “Doing Nothing” in HR

When you notice an engine warning light in your car, most quickly calculate that “doing nothing” would be a costly option. And if you’re not familiar with the term, the “cost of doing nothing” is the costs that occur
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Understanding investor attitude

From: Buisness-standard By Devangshu Datta Recommended by: business-standard Given that Axis Bank declared horrendous Q4 results and faced a leaderhip crisis, it would have been understandable if investors had stampeded out of the
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How banks and finance firms are using AI to better engage with and understand you

Against a global backdrop of emerging technologies and ever-changing relationships between businesses and consumers, one thing is clear: leaders in the finance and banking industries will increasingly look to artificial intelligence to understand