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Drake played 'Fortnite' on Twitch with Ninja again, but with $5,000 on the line

Drake joined Fortnite streamer Ninja once again, but this time he upped the ante.  SEE ALSO: 'Fortnite' contest gives fans a chance to get their favorite dance into the game On Tuesday, Drake played a duos live stream of Fortnite with Twitch
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Logan Paul's Twitch debut features dicks and a racial slur

There are very few things that bring the internet together like the universal hatred of Logan Paul.  The disgraced YouTuber had his Twitch debut on Sunday and was immediately barraged with explicit images of genitalia during the livestreamed
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Twitch viewers took over 500 hours to beat 'Super Metroid' together

The collective Twitch community isn't going to be taking any speedrunning world records anytime soon. SEE ALSO: Twitch streamer gives a young gamer the most heartwarming pep talk after losing Inspired by Twitch Plays Pokémon, a Twitch account
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So, Drake just helped to smash a Twitch record

So, Drake just smashed a Twitch record playing Fortnite. Really. Late Wednesday night, the hip hop superstar jumped on Twitch to play the popular "battle royale" game with big time streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and rapper Travis Scott.  The
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Harass someone outside of Twitch? That could get you banned.

Twitch is cracking down on harassment — both on and off the platform.  The livestreaming video platform announced an update to its community guidelines in a blog post on Thursday, writing, "Hate simply has no place in the Twitch community
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Report: eSports And Game Content Streaming Revenues Will Rise To $3.5 Billion By 2021

Analyst firm Juniper Research predicts that revenues from eSports and game content streaming will nearly double in 5 years, reaching an estimated $3.5 billion.