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Bangalore, Aug 9, 2014 Inauguration
IIM Bangalore witnessed a grand inaugural session of the 7th edition of its Global Entrepreneurship 
Summit, Eximius’14. Dr. Shashi Tharoor addressed the students on the theme of the 
Summit, “The Road Less Travelled”. It was followed by a story telling session by Mr. Piyush Mishra. The inauguration ceremony culminated with a mesmerizing sky lantern launching event.
Dr. Shashi Tharoor talked about his life experiences and how at so many junctures he took the less trodden paths. His anecdotes inspired everyone in the audience. He talked about how he decided to study Humanities after having been a Science topper and how after having aced the entrance for top IIMs, he went on to purse his higher studies in International affair. Writing is his passion and at one point in time, he was writing for every print media house in the country. He described his experiences in serving the International Community and answered a multitude of questions from the audience on Indian Politics, road blocks in India’s development and entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. In his words, 
“Ours is not a country where people seek entrepreneurship. Government jobs are the most sought after as they are perceived to be the safest. But risk is just a trade-off.” 
After Shashi Tharoor’s motivating speaker session, Mr. Piyush Mishra made it into an interactive fun-
filled night and also shared his learnings from life. He started his session with one of his very popular 
songs “O ri duniya” and on popular demand sang “Aarambh hai Prachand” and “Ek bagal mein chand hoga”. His simple thoughts resonated well with the audience. He considers himself as gifted and not 
talented. In his words, “I cannot explain how I’m able to do so many things so well”.
The inauguration culminated by students of IIM Bangalore launching sky lanterns; a tradition started by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation cell at IIM Bangalore.
Day1 Eximius’14 witnessed huge participation from students from undergraduate and post graduate colleges from across the country, start-ups and corporates. Vibes of Enthusiasm, willingness to learn and excitement were felt across wooded IIM Bangalore campus. Here’re the highlights:
Piyush Pandey’s session
The first day of Eximius started with the enthralling keynote address by Mr. Piyush Pandey, the 
Executive Chairman and Creative Director for Ogilvy & Mather India and South Asia. My Piyush Pandey treated the packed audience to a journey down his most memorable ad campaigns which included Cadbury’s “Kuch Khas Hai”, Vodafone’s Zoozoos, Fevicol, Fevikwik, Centre shock, Mentos, the latest Google campaign.
Mr. Pandey wove these ads into a few important life lessons that every entrepreneur must know such as having a passion, listening to their heart rather than head in some situations, thinking long term, living by one’s own rules and making the most of situations even in adverse times.
He also stressed on some important marketing strategies such as generating goodwill even in those who are not your target consumers, keeping ad campaigns focussed and simple, not doing what others have conventionally done before, gauging the audience and market’s mood and strategizing accordingly and not getting complacent even after gaining success.
The rapt audience consisting of students, entrepreneurs and professors was left enlightened as well as entertained after the Ad-Guru’s insightful keynote address.
Social Entrepreneurship Development Workshop: Prerna Entrepreneurs hold the courage to take the road less travelled, to carry on in the face of adversities. This spirit of entrepreneurship is not just restricted to students who are on the verge of taking decisions about their career paths, or to professionals who want to do something on their own; it is present in everyone. 
In the spirit of TRENDIN.COM EXIMIUS’14, Vikasana - the social service club of IIM Bangalore in collaboration with Entrepreneurship & Innovations Cell is organizing Prerna, a workshop dedicated to inspiring marginalized women to take up entrepreneurship. These women have survived hardships, cruelty and humiliation in their lives. They have survived some of the toughest situations and have succeeded in coming out of them. Through this workshop we intend to bring them back to the normal walk of life; to inculcate in them the feeling of independence.
The workshop will see participation of women who have been rescued from domestic violence, physical abuse and trafficking by an NGO called Vidyaranya. Vocational training will be provided to the women in the skills of art & craft making like pen stands, photo frames, and lamps using paper and cardboard. The group would also be exposed to the work done by others in similar fields and made aware of the various opportunities available in terms of funding their ideas into reality.
This workshop will also have the active participation of another NGO called Rang-De. This organization helps other NGOs in finding funding for their inhabitants. It provides them the opportunity to convert their dreams into reality. It inspires in them a sense of independence and helps them fulfil their dreams. 
Representatives from Rang De would be present at the workshop to share with these women their success stories and to give them a sense of direction which will hopefully set them on the Road Less Travelled.
The products made by the women would also be displayed in an exhibition-cum-sale on IIM Bangalore 
campus during the festival. This would provide them exposure and bring their talents into the spotlight as thousands of entrepreneurs, corporate and students who will be visiting IIMB during EXIMIUS ’14.
We hope this workshop equips them with the confidence and skills to lay the foundations for their independence and stability. It is our vision to continue to provide such support to the less privileged sections of society in keeping with the spirit of social service that Vikasana stands for. 
Ingen- Flagship B-Plan competition
INGEN, the flagship B-plan contest of Eximius, the Entrepreneurship Summit at IIM Bangalore provides budding entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their ideas that could be the next big startup. The shortlisted B plans got an opportunity to present in front of an elite panel of judges that could catapult the idea into an entrepreneurial success.
The event ChangeMakers, which aims at promoting political entrepreneurship, was conducted in Eximius at IIM Bangalore. Six teams from various colleges, through the medium of video, showcased the most pressing problem that needs the immediate attention of the Indian government. Team Passionate Reformers from IMT Ghaziabad highlighted the dire problem of drug abuse plaguing the country’s youth. Team Crusaders from IIM Bangalore highlighted the increasing crime against women and how it is imperative to curb it through effective legislation. Team Bushido from IIMB focused on deteriorating mental health of the youth and how it is hampering their day to day functioning. Team Fear Fighters from NITIE targeted open air defecation as the most pressing problem which contributes to diarrohea, stunted growth and other associated health problems. Team ‘We Can’ from IIMB spoke about the prevalent illiteracy in the country and how other problems like rape, farmer suicides, etc. can stem from it. Team ‘May the 4Ps be with you’ from IIMB highlighted the electricity crisis in India and the need to harness renewable energy to meet the growing demand. All the teams proposed viable solutions to tackle the problems and countered the questions from the judges and the audience. 
Bootcamp is one of the flagship events of Eximius. Start-ups get a platform to show case their ideas 
which are assessed by industry experts and mentors. Mentoring sessions were held for the Idea 
Validation. From these 2 days, top 10 companies will be shortlisted and will become part of 10000 
Startups. The mentors belong to companies like Target, Infosys, TV 18, Ericsson, Zinnov etc. having a great industry experience. The start-ups are from sectors like health care, security, BFSI, retail, analytics, marketing etc.
Bootcamp workshops were also organized which were addressed by eminent industry people including Mr. Ravi Gururaj, Mr. Rajiv Jayaraman and Ms. Shraddha Sharma.


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