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Introduction to Lean

Six Sigma is a well know term today, but another very powerful initiative is Lean. There are many companies which have adopted lean techniques and in many organizations just like in ours, the sigma training curriculum has lean concepts and tools as
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Certifying HR Professionals

Is it possible to measure the competence of a Human Resources Professional? Are there ways to map his skills and abilities and train him to be a better professional? Can this be done at an all India level so that competencies can be mapped and
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Shaping a career in BPO

  Over the last couple of years, India has metamorphosed as a global hub of Outsourcing and this is due to the fact that India scores in the areas of technological dexterity, quality, flexibility, cost control, competitive advantage and
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Getting the big picture

MaFoi Employment Survey reveals the negligible training period provided to the Indian employee. It also indicates a slowdown in the pace of recruitment and discusses the various thriving sectors across the country. This surely comes as an
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Lead, kindly light

Mentoring has come a long way since the days of the Mahabharata when Krishna counselled the Pandavas to make sure they were on the right path. Mentoring is a support and learning relationship between a learner and the individual who is very willing
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Leadership Development

In the face of challenge and competition in the corporate arena, the buzzword is ‘change’ to sustain our competitive advantage. Unfortunately in most cases, there will inevitably be change but no growth. Change that is growth
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The social edge

To excel in your chosen profession, social skils are as important as technical expertise Indian entrepreneurs and businessmen may excel in their specific technical field but this skill often deserts them during social and public interactions.
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Selling The Wheel A glimpse of different selling techniques

“Selling is the defining function in any commercial enterprise. The sales effort makes all other activity possible. It’s the gateway to prosperity.” Says Jack Carew in his latest book called the MENTOR Every commercial
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Developing the right kind of training plan for your organization

The statement, “An organization is as good as the people it employees” rings more true today than ever before. And every professional manager knows that planned and sustained training is the only way any organisation can have good people
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Getting the best out of Outsourced training - A guide

“The players everywhere are more knowledgeable and sophisticated. The pace is faster. The stakes are higher. And the playing field is anything but level. The new leaders will welcome change rather than resist it.” Dennis Waitley in his