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'Dark' Personality Traits Can Help People Rise Through Ranks

From: Via: Ever wondered how a co-worker worked their way up company ranks with seemingly little talent? have identified
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Labor v Capital Dodgeball VI

From: Via: RT @hunterwalk: Labor v Capital Dodgeball VI #LvC6 w @davidhornik @kevinweil for having us! Had blast. Look forward to next
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41 Timeless Ways to Screw Up Direct Marketing

From: Via: 41 Timeless Ways to Screw Up Direct Marketing: #scientific #marketerScrew Up the Control GroupsDon't keep a control
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TrainingPayback® » SMMConnect » Welcome Page » robertcialdini_jan23

From: Via: RT @davestei: Rehearsing now with @RobertCialdini for upcoming webinar about influence: Gonna be a great one.Recording
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Free eBook – Managing Digital Marketing Teams: Trends and Best Practices

From: Via: Free eBook: "The Brilliant Manager's Guide to Building Digital Marketing Teams for 2014 and Beyond" #getitFree Digital
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Michael Mauboussin on the 'Success Equation'

From: Recommended by: Dinakar Murthy Krishna I found this article very interesting and can provide a lot of insights into success. Many a times most of us believe to be very highly
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PRINCE2 - a robust Project Management methodology

First things first – what is Project Management? A project by definition is a temporary organisation or an actionable team that function with a defined beginning and marked ending, functioning within constraints such as scope, time and
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Retailing - Revival of PodCasting to train people

Ok here is a pop quiz for you! How many mobile phones are there in India? Would you believe it if I tell you 650 million! And over 10 million handsets are smart-phones. Actually, this presents an unique opportunity to disseminate training
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Do It Yourself!

A very important factor to study in an organization is the dependence of an individual to complete a given task on others. A very important factor to study in an organization is the dependence of an individual to complete a given task on
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How Six Sigma Impacts HR

Typically when we talk of improvements and breakthrough in companies we always focus on Operations, and in the manufacturing sector it is the shop floor and related activities.  Quite often it appears that organizations keep these initiatives