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Today’s Learning is Nothing Like Tomorrow’s Is Going to Be

Organizations are investing in talent development now more than ever. According to LinkedIn’s 2017 Workplace Learning Report, talent is the top priority for 69% of learning and development (L&D) professionals. And despite the rise of
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Here’s An Idea: Lunch and Learn

You found the perfect candidate and they start today. Everyone is happy and your job is done. Not! Without the proper training and development opportunities, all the resources that went into finding that perfect employee could be a waste. A SHRM
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Feedback By Tech Or Face-to-Face?

A common concern raised by HR and managers when they begin using a feedback tool is what kind of impact it will have on face-to-face feedback. Will it actually disrupt communication flows in the office, rather than improve them? As with all new
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How to Improve Performance With Better HR Metrics

The rise of data based applications has brought about a new era for the HR department. Processes developed in the 70s are now going through a transformation with tools for gathering more accurate reports based on people analytics. But what exactly
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How to Build a High-Performance Sourcing Department – Part 3 Training

As sourcing is always evolving, the training and development of a sourcer are essential for achieving and maintaining a high-performance level. It is crucial for sourcing managers, talent acquisition leaders, and HR executives to provide on-going
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It’s Time for HR to Follow Marketing’s Lead and Develop Employee Personas

Note: Talent personas have a big part to play in your recruiting strategy. To learn how to build and use personas for recruiting see Creating Talent Personas Should Be Part of Your Recruiting Strategy. The best companies in the world know their
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Why A Hands-Off Approach to Learning Is Best

What’s the best way to help employees gain the important skills they need to help your organization grow? More and more the answer is: let them take control. Innovative companies are moving away from the traditional learning and development