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The hearing's over, but people still aren't buying Kavanaugh's discredited argument

Brett Kavanaugh's seemingly tenuous relationship with the truth is still haunting those who watched him testify on Thursday. At times, the prospective Supreme Court justice abandoned composure to shed tears and scream, but at his most jarring he
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A Few Simple Questions to Ask When Buying AI Technology

I’m sure you hear a lot about AI this, blockchain that, and automation is the future. How do you cut through all the noise and decide what is worth your time and what is hype? It can be so confusing...
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Blackballed by public sector firms

From: Buisness-standard By M J Antony Recommended by: business-standard The government and public sector agencies are believed to be keeping confidential files of firms which are blacklisted. In international trade, especially
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Trump supporters boycott Walmart for selling 'Impeach 45' merch

Donald Trump supporters are not happy with Walmart. On Tuesday, The International Business Times reported that the store sells apparel and other items adorned with the words, "Impeach 45."  SEE ALSO: Merriam-Webster subtweeted about Trump's
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I’m Not So Sure an Employment Brand Truly Matters

Every year companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on employer branding. My email box is overrun with new companies wanting to show me and sell me the next “best” employer branding technology (and the regulars contact me too
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The best day to buy plane tickets: When to book, which day to fly, and how to save money with a VPN

Is Tuesday actually the best day to buy plane tickets? It's a rumor that we're sure you've seen circling around the internet or heard from family and friends for years — so why are we now hearing that Sunday is the day to buy plane tickets for
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ACLU petitions Amazon to stop selling surveillance technology to the government

The American Civil Liberties Union is delivering a petition to Amazon's Seattle headquarters today with more than 150,000 signatures. They are requesting for Amazon to stop providing the government with facial recognition technology. "Amazon has
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Coinbase is adding Ethereum Classic to its exchange

New cryptocurrencies get added to crypto-exchanges all the time, but when Coinbase adds one, it's news.  Coinbase, the largest U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange, has only supported four coins so far: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin
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Americans can't buy the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. They're not missing much.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S $530 View Product The Good Fabulous build quality • Better cameras than before • Supports wireless charging The Bad MIUI Android skin is an iOS ripoff • Can't buy it in U.S. • Selfie camera is still