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The top 10 best on-screen animal performances of 2018

Beware of spoilers: minor, animal-centric plot points are sprinkled throughout this article.  Right up there with quality lighting, charming animal actors are a top-tier cinematic staple.  From Judy Garland's Toto to Melanie Griffith's IRL
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Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work: Bain is No. 1; In-N-Out and lululemon Crack the Top 10, Again

If there’s one thing you can take away from Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2019 list, it’s this: You really need to know the criteria that is used to put together any “Best Places to Work” list.  That
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The Top 10 Reasons Why Social Media Background Checks Are a Dumb Idea

The latest addition to the modern recruiting process, social media background checks, may be the dumbest element. Unlike most background checks, they don’t verify positive job-related information. Instead, they are used almost exclusively to
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Top 10 products on Prime Day, according to Mashable readers

RIP, Prime Day 2018. You were so popular that your site quite literally broke for a good portion of the first day, but did that stop all of us from spending way more than the limit we promised ourselves? Hell no. Despite the massive 404 error glitch
johnsullivan's picture Survey Reveals Top 10 Workplaces for Millennials, What They Want

Millennials. They’re a big deal. Maybe you’ve heard. Shear numbers alone mean we can’t ignore them. In fact, more than one in three American labor force participants (35 percent) are millennials, making them the largest generation
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'Black Panther' breaks into the all-time top 20 at the U.S. box office

The freight train of success that is Black Panther continues to barrel on, breaking into the top 20 of the U.S. box office and surpassing 2017's Wonder Woman. Black Panther reached $421.8 million at the North American box office Tuesday –
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Top 10 Employment-Related Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

Time flies. Believe it or not, it has been nearly 20 years since the first job-board commercials aired during the Super Bowl, the most coveted advertising air time in the world. The frequency of employment-related ads has largely been determined...