Top 11 digital advertising strategies you should use for mobile

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From: Mashable By Scott Gerber
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If automatic ad blocking on iOS can teach you anything as a startup founder, it's that you should never rely on just one strategy to carry any aspect of your business, and advertising is no exception.

But as it turns out, the update isn't all bad. Below, 11 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) explain strategies they have used to get around it as well as what new opportunities it has opened doors to.

1. Boost social posts

A boosted post on Facebook or Twitter shows up in the news feed like a post from a contact, attracting more attention than traditional advertising and bypassing ad blocks. Boosted posts also have a variety of audience targets you can apply, so you're reaching your ideal customers.

2. Create great content

Today's average viewer has been inundated with ads for much of their life, to the point where they scroll past ads and don't even notice them. This isn't new, and auto ad blocking is an answer to their issue. This means that entrepreneurs need to get creative in their content creation. Get your viewers to watch an ad without them even realizing or caring it's an ad. The best Super Bowl commercials are shared because they connect to the viewers in a "tug at your heartstrings" or humorous way, and they keep getting sha


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