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When Your Boss Needs Help with Time Management

What happens when you and your manager aren’t aligned? It’s one thing to free yourself from the bad habit of multi-tasking, re-think your work routines and watch your productivity skyrocket. But what do you do when your colleagues–
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Download this: Google Tasks app makes it easier to get stuff done

Easily lost amid the news of Gmail's biggest redesign in years was the revelation that the company also launched a new to-do list app to supplement Gmail's new productivity features. Called Tasks, the app integrates with your Gmail inbox to make
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Taming the Epic To-Do List

You need two of them, plus a list of things you’ve decided aren’t worth your time.
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Prepare to see everyone's to-do lists on Facebook now

Read more... More about Facebook, Lists, Social Media, Social Network, and Tech
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So many tasks, so little time. Here’s where to start! – Pick Dave’s Brain

This week’s question comes from Laura. Q: It feels like I have too many tasks. On one hand there’s my email inbox. Then there’s my notebook, then there’s my long to-do list. I have so many things. Please advise me on how to
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Six Items That Should Never Be On Your To-Do List

Writing a to-do list seems like a tidy little way to keep track of what you need to accomplish, but it can fall short or even derail your success. To-do lists don’t provide context about the tasks, they don’t give you a timeline, and they’re easy to
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Time Management for Sourcers and Recruiters – Schedule Building

In our business, the number one aspect of sourcing and recruiting that is overlooked is time. It is one of the variables, in the long run, we cannot control it, however, we can influence it. Let’s take a look into a typical work day: 8:00am
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How Writing To-Do Lists Helps Your Brain (Whether Or Not You Finish Them)

For a long time, I resisted to-do lists. I wanted the flexibility. I felt that if I kept a list, it would tie me down to a particular set of tasks. Gradually, though, I came around. The busier my work life became, the more crucial it was to have
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5 Time Management Tips to Help You Enjoy Summer

From: Via: 5 Time Management Tips to Help You Enjoy Summer’s
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What to do when youre totally overworked

From: Mashable Recommended by: Mashable Businesswoman sitting at table in restaurant with head resting on hand Image: Thomas Barwick/Getty ImagesYou’re absolutely swamped—there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. And, despite the fact