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Trump told Apple CEO Tim Cook that the U.S. would not levy tariffs on iPhones

There's a big question mark over how President Trump's trade war with China will impact iPhone lovers. And things just got even murkier. President Trump continued to escalate his trade war with China on Monday when he threatened to levy tariffs on
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Apple to add life-saving new feature in iOS 12

People who call 911 from their iPhone will be able to automatically share their exact location with first responders, Apple announced on Monday.  The feature, which will only be available to users in the U.S. at launch, is slated to become
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Apple doesn't need new hardware — it's going to make you buy everything it sells

Apple made the vast majority of its ever-growing multibillion-dollar hoard selling us hardware: iPads, Macs, Macbooks, Apple TVs, Apple Watches, speakers, headphones, docks, cables, and above all else that ultimate cash cow, the iPhone.  So it
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Apple Watch adds podcasts, competitions, and a walkie-talkie app

The operating system behind the Apple Watch will get an update this fall with the new watchOS 5. At Apple's annual developer conference, WWDC, in San Jose, California on Monday, CEO Tim Cook introduced the newest version of the wearable device's OS
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Apple spotlights young developers ahead of WWDC

One day before Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage at the company's annual World Wide Developer Conference, Apple's top executive mingled with a much smaller gathering of developers inside the Steve Jobs Theatre. Unlike the typical developer
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What to expect at WWDC 2018: Apple needs to step up its AI game

Of all the events that happen in tech during the course of the year, Apple’s fall event, where the new iPhone is typically revealed, usually gets the most attention. But the keynote of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference is arguably
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Six Ways Executives Shaped the Culture of Their Organization

This article is excerpted from Tom’s recent book, The Stress-Reduction Pyramid: A Guide to Managing the Greatest Threat to Employee Health and Productivity. Part 1, Entitled Do You Have a Culture of Stress? Here’s How to Find Out
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Apple CEO Tim Cook remembers Steve Jobs in heartfelt commencement speech

Apple CEO Tim Cook turned to a familiar source when it came to offering advice to the class of 2018. Speaking at the commencement ceremony at Duke University, Cook encouraged the students in attendance to learn from the example set by Apple founder
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Apple is selling fewer iPhones, but it's making tons of money

The iPhone X wasn't a magic elixir to reinvigorate Apple's iPhone sales, but it wasn't the flop some people were saying it would be. In Apple's second quarter earnings report, the tech giant saw revenue continue to grow, but its key product, the
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What do Trump and Apple want from each other, anyway?

President Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook are set to meet on Wednesday afternoon. And though the temperamentally and politically opposed men are in no way amicable, it's easy to imagine either party initiating the tête-à-tête