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'Old School' has more in common with 'Fight Club' than you thought

'Old School' turns 15 this month, so we dug up some things about the frat house classic that'll get you kicked off campus! So unless you're a crusty old dean, here are 7 things you didn't know about 'Old School'... probably. Subscribe to CineFix for
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What to Do About Leaders Who Think They Are Better Than They Are

With fewer peers and more power, it’s easy for leaders to lose touch with those they lead. A study by Hay Group’s McClelland Center finds that senior leaders in an organization often gain power at the expense of self-knowledge, and
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Donald Trump thinks he's the first person to come up with movie ratings

The President of the United States of America, having heard that video games and movies sometimes contain violence, proposed an age-based rating system to keep kids from seeing violent entertainment Thursday. SEE ALSO: There's a striking difference
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Want to be happier? Think like a bronze medalist

From: Via: #Athletes who win silver medals must be happier than those who win bronze, right? Not exactly.
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Leaked Wikileaks chats reveal it actually thought we'd be better off with the GOP in power

No one can know the future, but man did Julian Assange really not have a clue. The founder and publisher of Wikileaks is a controversial figure, and a series of leaked private chats published by The Intercept demonstrate that his lightning-rod
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Plus-size teen rocks dress she never thought she'd wear and the photos are so inspiring

Friends can sometimes give us the little nudge we need to try something that we've lacked the confidence to do.  SEE ALSO: How to protect yourself when social media is harming your self-esteem Ashlie Bautista, 18, from Texas, USA, tweeted that
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Bakery has perfect response to people who thought this cake looked like a vagina

The internet can find the genitalia in anything.  Which is exactly what happened when a bakery posted this seemingly innocuous photo of one of their "geode rock" cakes. It featured rock candy in different shades of deep pink, lined with gold
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The Nunes memo reveals that Devin Nunes is dumber than we thought

After a week of breathless coverage of the supposedly explosive Nunes memo, the House Intelligence Committee finally released it to the public on Friday. The response of experts in the field: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . SEE ALSO: 'Democracy dies in
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Creative Sourcing – Thinking Outside of the Box

I found myself reading an article on Google relating to an increase in potential cell phone charges for a major cell phone carrier that I have used for fourteen years. I wanted to give him a call regarding my loyalty...