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Twitter reportedly suspended users that steal memes and force viral tweets

Friday went poorly for a select group of Twitter users that have earned a reputation for their expertise  at gaming the system. The social media company moved to suspend a number of popular accounts with millions of followers between them,
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Bitcoin enthusiasts take innovative approach, steal 600 computers

Mining for cryptocurrency can be an expensive proposition — albeit less so if you just go ahead and steal 600 powerful computers to do it for you.  That is exactly what 11 people are accused of doing in Iceland, after a large number of
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Apparently impressed by their appetite for mornings, company offers thieves a 'job'

Theft is never fun, but thankfully some people see some humour in it. A New Zealand business called Smith Crane & Construction put up a Facebook post on Tuesday to find the people who stole their tools on Saturday morning — so they can
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Google has just made it harder for you to steal photos from Google Images

Google's just made a rather subtle change to its image search — but one that will have big repercussions for copyright. Announced on Thursday on Twitter, the company has removed the "view image" button from image search, which will make it
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Verizon will start locking its phones right when you buy them

The days of buying unlocked phones are over. Verizon is joining other phone carriers in the practice of keeping phones locked for a certain time period after purchase. That means you can't buy a Verizon phone and start using it on a different
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Modi’s adopted village Jayapur goes dark as thieves steal batteries of solar streetlights

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times At least 80 solar streetlights out of 135 are not functioning as their batteries have been stolen in the last one year. New batteries have not been installed since.Prime Minister
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Taken to be thieves, two Dalit brothers lynched by mob in Bihar

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times In yet another case of a mob taking the law into its own hands and dispensing instant justice, two middle-aged men, were lynched at a village in south western Bihar, very early on
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International crime rings are hacking into businesses to steal nuts

From: Mashable By The Associated Press Recommended by: Mashable International crime rings are using sophisticated tools to hack into businesses in California to steal almonds, cashews and pistachios. Image: Scott Smith/ap
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Wage Theft Prevention and Recovery Act Should Be Wake-Up Call for Employers

By Eric B. Meyer The proposed U.S. Department of Labor overtime rules are a walk in the park compared to this new “wage theft prevention” bill That’s because, earlier this month,  Sen. Patty Murray, D-WA, the top
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How Amazon Shames Warehouse Workers for Alleged Theft

From:   By: Josh Eidelson Via: How #Amazon Shames Warehouse