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In-N-Out is suing an Australian tribute to the burger chain

Californian burger chain In-N-Out has no presence in Australia. Or anywhere much further than the U.S. west coast and Texas, really.  That hasn't stopped In-N-Out from suing Sydney-based restaurant Down N' Out, which opened in 2016 and served
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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is up to 16 times more massive than thought

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP), a massive area of floating plastic debris that is more than twice the size of Texas, contains about 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic. This is between 4 and 16 times the mass of plastic that scientists previously
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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Comanche’s Tech Absorption Curve

A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. In an astonishingly short time period, the Comanche Native Americans progressed from a technologically primitive tribe (nomadic, little use of textiles, basketry or pottery), to becoming the
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Without climate change context, Trump's State of the Union rhetoric about disasters rings hollow

President Trump's first official State of the Union speech began with a reminder of the disasters that have befallen Americans during the past year, from wildfires in California to three of the top 5 most expensive hurricanes in U.S. history.
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A university professor suggested Harvey was karma for Texas Republicans. Then, he was fired.

From: Via: Do I get fired for suggesting it's karma for our climate policies? A university professor suggested
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Mike Pences 2020 run got off to a great start in Texas

From: Mashable By Marcus Gilmer Recommended by: Mashable On Thursday afternoon, Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey to comfort victims and get an update on recovery efforts—and walked away
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How Often do Texas Police Shoot At People? No One Knows.

From: Via: When Texas police pull the trigger, what happens? An impressive analysis of the data:
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If You Can Read This You’ve Got A Job In Texas

Think you have problems hiring talented workers? In Texas, they’d be happy to just find people who can read and do simple math. Besides the generally good news this week about manufacturing conditions in the Lone Star state, the Dallas Federal
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Character Traits Tied to Academic Success May Be Partly Genetic

From: Via: Blame your genetics! Rick Nauert PhD~ 2 min readCharacter traits such as grit or