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‘Buy Ford’: Elon Musk to investors seeking 2 new independent Tesla directors

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times A group of Tesla Inc investors has urged the luxury electric car maker to add two new independent directors to its board, without ties to chief executive Elon Musk, to “provide a
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Tesla is the latest Silicon Valley company to run smack into human limits

From: Mashable By Colin Daileda Recommended by: Mashable Silicon Valley companies are often built around making the world more efficient, but engineering efficiency has a human cost many of them either didn't see coming or would
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Elon Musk said he could fix state energy crisis in 100 days Heres his chance to prove it

From: Mashable By Ariel Bogle Recommended by: Mashable Australia is about to find out whether a tweet storm can result in real change.Tesla founder Elon Musk made some big promises about renewable energy battery storage in the
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Elon Musk at solar panel unveiling We need to make solar as appealing as electric cars

From: Mashable By Patrick Kulp Recommended by: Mashable Elon Musk in 2015. Image: AP Photo/Ringo H.W. ChiuUNIVERSAL CITY, California — Tesla CEO Elon Musk tied together some of the disparate threads of his company's various grand
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What Investors Can Learn From This Failed Self-Driving Start-Up

From:   By: John Rosevear Via: it seemed a promising idea...Drawn by
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How Elon Musk plans to make Tesla Motors a clean energy powerhouse

From: Mashable By Maria Gallucci Recommended by: Mashable Tesla Model S Image: Getty ImagesElon Musk wants Tesla Motors to build more than just pricey electric cars.The company’s billionaire co-founder and CEO says he plans to
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John Markoff: Tesla, Google take separate roads to self-driving car

From: Buisness-standard By John Markoff Recommended by: business-standard In Silicon Valley, where companies big and small are at work on self-driving cars, there have been a variety of approaches, and even some false starts. The
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Reasons for Elon Musks trip to the Pentagon not including fan theories that hes Iron Man

From: Mashable By Miriam Kramer Recommended by: Mashable Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesWhen billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk and United States Secretary of Defense Ash Carter sat down together at the Pentagon on Wednesday,
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Tesla reveals new details of its Autopilot program: 780M miles of data, 100M miles driven and more

From: Via: RT @erickschonfeld: Tesla Autopilot already demonstrably safer than human drivers https