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Sonos targets TV viewers with its new Beam smart speaker

Today, at a special media event in San Francisco, Sonos announced a new partnership with Apple and a brand new TV speaker, the Sonos Beam. The Sonos Beam is essentially a smaller, smarter, and cheaper version of the company's Playbase speaker. It
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Samsung will pretend to break millions of TVs in a new ad. What could go wrong?

The general consensus when a TV starts to show static or blacks out is that something has gone terribly wrong. When you see it happen, you might get up, check the cord or cable box, and if you're watching one of your favorite shows, you'd probably
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Celebrate Memorial Day with these deals on 4K smart TVs

Note: We will be updating this post as more sales become available. Memorial Day is on May 28, and there's way more to look forward to than just a three-day weekend or the new Star Wars spinoff. Find some great deals on 4K smart TVs to celebrate the
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Holy prequel, Batman! Alfred Pennyworth is getting his own origin story on TV

There aren't a lot of elements of Batman's legend that haven't been explored thoroughly in the realm of film and TV. Some of them are so well-tread that they've passed into cliche (how many times have Martha Wayne's pearls bounced off the pavement
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Best 4K smart TV deals this week: Samsung, Roku, Vizio, Sony, and more

We've come a long way from boxy big screens and the first fancy flat screens. The TVs we have these days do way more than just look fancy.  Thanks to 4K smart TVs, the screen has become an entertainment hub unto itself, with access to tons of
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Ariana Grande gives first TV interview since the Manchester attack and it's just lovely

Ariana Grande made her comeback appearance on the Tonight Show, and gave us all the details about her forthcoming album "Sweetener."  She revealed that one of the tracks is called "God is a woman" and this song is her grandmother's (who she
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Yup, 'Jane the Virgin' just gave fans the most shocking TV twist ever

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains major spoilers for the Season 4 finale of Jane the Virgin: "Chapter Eighty-One." Jane the Virgin has always had a knack for wringing our hearts out like old rags (sometimes in a good way), but the Season 4 finale
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James Comey lets rip on Trump in first televised interview since firing

If you thought the disdain between Donald Trump and former FBI director James Comey would fizzle away, Sunday surely allayed any prospect of a truce. Ahead of the launch of his autobiography A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, Comey
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One musician's string quartet arrangement of your '90s TV faves will get you nostalgic

If you've ever thought to yourself "I want the soundtrack of my life to be the Pokémon theme song, but played by a string quartet" then you're in luck. YouTube user Aaron Gage shared this delightful string quartet mashup of '90s kids theme
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All the TV reboots currently in the works

With the triumphant return of Roseanne 21 years after its last episode, the world seems like it's primed and ready to take a look back to the past and reboot as many classic television shows as possible. SEE ALSO: Roseanne Conner wasn't always a