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Three reasons why CEOs need to be more vested in digital transformation

While almost every company is pursuing digital transformation, most do not have CEO sponsorship or an organization-wide strategy in place. A CEO needs to be aware and vested in digital transformation for these strategies to “future proof
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The Rush to the Cloud Is Putting HR In Charge of its Tech

It’s a good time to be in the HR technology industry. Last year over $1.96 billion was invested in HR tech startups across 13 categories, including recruitment, career development and automation. There’s also a dizzying number of mergers
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GlossaryTech – An online Glossary for Tech Recruiters

One of the biggest issues in the tech recruiting world is keeping up with technology, the buzzwords, and keeping up with the terminology. There are a lot of online dictionaries and websites to look up information. Most of the information readily
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Keep Your Recruiting Job Despite Technological Advances And Economic Downturns

Warning: if you want job security as a recruiter, start preparing now Listen up. If you are a corporate recruiter, you need to be worried about your job security! Recruiters need to realize that the march of recruiting technology is inevitable and
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These Companies Are Vacuuming Up Everybody Else's Tech Talent

From:   By: Maureen Mullen Via: These Companies Are Vacuuming
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Why the Human Voice Is the Year’s Most Important Technology

From: Via: Why the Human Voice Is the Year’s Most Important Technology shrinking role of
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Two determined women take on tech industry sexism in a new Secret ad

From: Mashable By Katie Dupere Recommended by: Mashable Image: secret/youtubeFor women in tech, sexism is so often encountered that it unfortunately comes to be expected.A new 30-second ad by deodorant company Secret shows just