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The world's lab for energy tech

From: Buisness-standard By Arunabha Ghosh Recommended by: business-standard India has, thus far, failed to leverage the scale of its energy demand and its need for advanced technologies to promote research and development (R
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The New New Thing: Blockchains and Recruiting

If reading about AI is making you feel like Alice in Wonderland, then take heart, there’s something new on the horizon — Blockchains. The technology has been around since 2008 but is now getting more mainstream in business applications, though...
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Qualcomm’s new depth-sensing tech to bring richer AR experience in future Android smartphones

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been around for quite a few years now. The consumer adoption of the two technologies has perhaps begun very recently. With
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How AI Is Improving Recruiting and Hiring

The HR technology landscape has been transformed in just a few short years. From advances in ATS software to the emergence of cloud-based systems and gamification-influenced platforms, hiring is one of the most explosive spaces for innovation.
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Apple sees autonomous cars as ‘core’ technology, calls it ‘mother of all AI projects’

From: Hindustan Times By Agence France-Presse Recommended by: Hindustan times Apple views autonomous driving systems as a “core technology” for the future, chief executive Tim Cook said in an interview aired Tuesday.Cook told
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Data Analytics Is No Longer A Nice Option — It’s The Core Of The Enterprise

Data analytics is the new competitive differentiator. Business leaders need to spearhead a wholesale cultural change across the enterprise to help drive adoption and utilization of advanced analytics.
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MIT's School of Engineering gets Indian-origin dean

From:   By: TIMESOFINDIA.COM Via: Indians used to trek
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Shell Lubricants ready for BS VI engines, eyes digital vehicle technology space

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Shell Lubricants, a global leader in making machines smoother, cleaner and noise-free, too sees an opportunity in the anticipated age of electric mobility, as environmental concerns
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Pick Up The Pace: The Urgency Of Digitizing Financial Services

Financial services executives believe digital innovations and strategies are key to differentiating customer experience and business performance. They also understand that failure to take adequate steps raises the risk of disruption or even