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The 10 most common application-level hacker attacks

Breaches in application security don’t usually get as much publicity as e-mail viruses such as SirCam or worms such as Code Red, but they can cause just as many problems, ranging from theft of merchandise and information to the complete
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Choosing a UPS

Whether you want to buy one PC or 100, a UPS has become a de facto need in this power-starved country of ours. So how do you go about buying one?   One or many?   If you run many PCs, then you’ll be faced with this
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The answer lies in RFP!

Slight exaggeration, we must admit. But one that is quite effective on conveying the role-played by a clear and well-drafted RFP (Request for Proposal). RFP helps in getting the right vendor and probably the best possible IT product, solution or
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Structured Cabling - explained

In the past, buildings could have several different cabling systems for different communications systems, for example; block wiring for voice, coaxial for Ethernet, multi-pair for RS232 etc. The ideal solution is to install a standard cable and
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Internet and e-business Q & A - July 01

Q: I have a manufacturing unit and have an ISO certification for over a year.   Now though the certification has helped us to improve our operations and reduce inefficiencies we are now facing a problem of a different kind. Over time
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Steps to your corporate website

The corporate website or a web presence for any organization is increasingly becoming a necessity. In this article we provide you with the information, steps and tips that together would assist in the setting up of or creation of an effective web
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Bangalore Labs Setting up a LAN - Part 3

In our previous issues we’ve covered what is used to provide connectivity and what makes up a LAN. This article explores how to connect computers and provide a way for them to talk to each other, and give them a reason to talk to each other
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Simple steps to setting up a network in your organization - Part II

In the previous article we introduced the concept of a LAN and then dwelt in detail about the Connection Media, which is one of the important components of the LAN Hardware. In this we would focus on LAN Interfaces, Hubs and Switches, which are the
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Internet and e-business Q & A

Q: I have a Auto spare parts manufacturing unit in Peenya. We currently do all our workflow management, inventory control, Sales management and Clients relationship over hard copies which circulate. We do have some computer systems that are used for
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Simple steps to setting up a network in your office / Organisation

Unlike before, decisions on technology and computing have become part and parcel of the initial infrastructure that any new organization or office needs.  Networking is a significant chunk of this necessary investment in technology and thus