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Get The MOST out of your PC

A range of products from ‘’ makes this possible Monthly fresh is a column, which looks at a new product or service which is either unique or provides the user a remarkable benefit. In this issue we look at a certain range of
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Monthly fresh

In this monthly column we scan the horizons of new products and services which stand out as unique or innovative products, and deliver superior performance or value for money or features. In this issue, we focus on a new device, which has come out
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Internet Telephony and how companies can use it to reduce cost and increase productivity.

In the past six months we have heard a lot about the promise of VoIP and Internet Telephony. So how can a company benefit from VoIP implementations? Let’s start by understanding what Internet Telephony really is and how it could change the way
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Computer Telephony Integration

Telecommunications today has changed the market dynamics and the way we do business. With increased telephone usage, professional call handling has become imperative to keep the callers from calling the competition. Computer Telephony Integration (
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All about a Storage-Area Network and building one

Higher penetration and dependence on technology by businesses in the past decade has ensured that processing power and storage requirements have grown exponentially. The offshoot has been the increasing importance of linking servers and the storage
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Fourteen Tips To Better Technology Buying

Fourteen Tips To Better Technology Buying   This article is written for the CEOs and CFOs who finally have to sign on the dotted line. And often end up wondering whether they have made the best decision possible. You may probably know
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What to do when you outlive your Internet service provider?

You sit down to check your e-mail, expecting Net access to be there like water from a faucet, and poof! No connection. Usually, a quick call to your Internet service provider (ISP) sets the tech support wheels in motion, and your ISP fixes the
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The 10 most common application-level hacker attacks

Breaches in application security don’t usually get as much publicity as e-mail viruses such as SirCam or worms such as Code Red, but they can cause just as many problems, ranging from theft of merchandise and information to the complete
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Choosing a UPS

Whether you want to buy one PC or 100, a UPS has become a de facto need in this power-starved country of ours. So how do you go about buying one?   One or many?   If you run many PCs, then you’ll be faced with this
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The answer lies in RFP!

Slight exaggeration, we must admit. But one that is quite effective on conveying the role-played by a clear and well-drafted RFP (Request for Proposal). RFP helps in getting the right vendor and probably the best possible IT product, solution or