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Wireless Possibilities

Wireless communication is broadly segregated into Voice, Video (multi-media) and Data communication, just like in the wired world. Voice cover the typical Cellular networks, whereas multi-media and data communication covers WAN, MAN, LAN, PAN and
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Automate Your Sales Force

Companies are increasingly focusing on raising productivity of their sales force, enhanced customer responsiveness and better sales planning and forecasting. To build a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with customers, they need to
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Big boon for small business

It is an accepted truth that a company without efficient communication system in place is dead on arrival. SMEs have to find a solution that is not only effective, but also feasible. No cause for worry though, as such solutions will soon be
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Right Technology for SMEs

There is no need for evangelizing the need for technology adoption in any business. But despite all awareness, Small and Medium Enterprises are quite reluctant to adopt the latest IT tools that can give them an edge over competition. We got together
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The creative entrepreneur

Life is neither good nor bad – thinking makes it so. Some look at things and ask “Why?” Others look at things that never were and ask “why not?” These two statements amplify the power of the mind to create. The author
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Thin client, fat chances?

A low cost PC running on the ‘thin client' principal may just be the answer for many SMEs to get connected The search for the elixir is still on. While low cost TVs and mobile phones, are easily accessible to the masses, computers are
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Automated Cabling Infrastructure Management

An intelligent patching solution with real time feedback can significantly reduce the cost of communications cabling. The inherent flexibility of structured cabling - the ability to move users within the system, or add new users to it easily
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Wipro Helpline- web based call management software

Wipro Infotech has launched the Wipro eHelpline, a web based call management software and Wipro eAsset, an IT asset management tool. Wipro eHelpline ver1.5, a IT helpdesk management software, provides unparalleled ease in use, prompting self service
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Airconditioners: breathe easier

Bangalore the one time garden city, ‘pensioner’s paradise’ has become an extremely polluted congested city. The temperatures have gone up consequently. Bangalore is choking and coughing and fresh air is at a premium  
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Portable personal finances

Technology hasn’t just changed the way we do business, but also the way we manage our personal finances. In this article, we take a look at the various aspects of the personal finances that need to be managed by the mobile executive. The