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Business Intelligence At A -Fraction Of The Cost

Imagine you have data sitting in various departments across the organisation, across different platforms and each of your business unit heads processes data in their own unique style. And you as a CEO want to make some intelligent business decisions
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Are you Ready for Outsourced Messaging Services?

  Are you ready to turn over your Exchange Server deployment to an ISP? Many ISPs and application service providers (ASPs) are providing or are gearing up to provide outsourced messaging services to corporations. What would it take for your
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Communications as a Competitive advantage tips and Insights

Xavier: A formal welcome to all of you. We chose this topic for this panel discussion as we felt the increasing plethora of choices (technology/platforms/vendors) presents a complexity, which the users often do not know to navigate well. Worse, the
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Fool a Virus

Norman’s new antivirus product protects your computer by doing exactly that: Imagine that you open an e-mail attachment with a new and dangerous computer virus. The virus immediately starts changing selected system files, while other files
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Best practices & tools for software enterprises

Software companies have been helping all other industries the world over, but haven’t spent time and effort on establishing best practices and adopting tools for themselves. Isn’t this a delightful irony! Software companies that have
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Key to Successful SALES FORCE AUTOMATION Implementations

In pursuit of higher productivity of the sales teams, organizations world over are using technology as a tool to support the sales process.  The use of technology in the sales process is essentially a Sales Process Automation (SPA), which is
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Get The MOST out of your PC

A range of products from ‘’ makes this possible Monthly fresh is a column, which looks at a new product or service which is either unique or provides the user a remarkable benefit. In this issue we look at a certain range of
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Monthly fresh

In this monthly column we scan the horizons of new products and services which stand out as unique or innovative products, and deliver superior performance or value for money or features. In this issue, we focus on a new device, which has come out
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Internet Telephony and how companies can use it to reduce cost and increase productivity.

In the past six months we have heard a lot about the promise of VoIP and Internet Telephony. So how can a company benefit from VoIP implementations? Let’s start by understanding what Internet Telephony really is and how it could change the way
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Computer Telephony Integration

Telecommunications today has changed the market dynamics and the way we do business. With increased telephone usage, professional call handling has become imperative to keep the callers from calling the competition. Computer Telephony Integration (