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Make Mistakes

Have you ever made any mistake in your working? What a stupid question! All of us have made mistakes. Including me. Plenty. It is a part of learning and it is almost impossible that you learn without making mistakes. In our Company,
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The power of we

A famous organist was performing a concert on a huge antique organ in front of a large audience. The bellows were hand-pumped by a boy seated behind a screen, unseen by any in the vast audito­rium. The first part of the performance went very
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Increase oxytocin for better Team Work

It is fascinating how we need scientific research to tell us what we already know but hesitate to implement. In this fascinating Harvard Business talk, author Paul Zak shares with us how Oxytocin help us get cooperation and team work happening and
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Counter Strike

By the title of it, you may be wondering what this post is going to be all about.  If you haven’t heard about this PC game yet, here is the link for a clearer picture. Counter Strike is a tactical first
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The BIG picture

The BIG picutre The picture was always of the same size, it was only when I got closer that it looked BIG. Having a picture ( purpose) in mind, why, for what, who has to have a purpose are questions that need answers. So who needs to have
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You can't go it alone

Flying solo is a concept that is rightly left to aviation.  For anyone to truly achieve business success, it's essential to know how to communicate, cooperate, collaborate and celebrate.